Project Type
Wearable Application
Industry Domain
IoT, Child Safety & Protection
It is a wearable mobile app that facilitates parents to look out for their children using their phones, track their locations, and get notifications in real-time. It enables parents to track the current location of their children on the map, call them and record the audio call. It is also possible to send a message and get the status of the child’s movement using the gyroscope. With BLE technology and geotargeting, it notifies the parents of their children's whereabouts if they go out of predefined limits
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The client wanted to come up with wristwatch-based software that is integrated into an Android app. The client wished to develop an app for children that notifies the parents about their location. parents can freely go about their daily chores rather than keeping a watch on their kids every time. The objective behind developing this app is mothers can freely talk to other mothers in the garden rather than keeping a watch on their kids every time.

The Challenges


  • Seamless communication between the Android mobile app and Tracker device through the BLE
  • Managing multiple connected trackers at once
  • Firmware Upgrade via OTA
  • Debugging for Commands

Our Solution

Our team ensured seamless communication between the mobile app and tracker device. The application is capable of managing multiple tracker devices at the same time. We also debugged the application for commands.


  • Tracker 100T is a wearable device that is mainly used for child safety but it can also be used to track other things.
  • Tracker 100T uses Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity to communicate between mobile applications and tracker device.
  • Parents can search their children’s devices using Bluetooth and register their children on the app with their phone nos.
  • After registering, the child’s parents can add up to 10 emergency contact numbers so the child’s details can be shared with multiple contacts which are very helpful in case of emergency.
  • Parents can configure the tracker as their choice.
  • This tracker has SIM card connectivity, so the user can set the APN, Username, Password, and dialing no for that particular SIM to access the internet and other services.
  • Parents can set the system clock of the tracker and Alarm time to receive the GPS location from the tracker at a specific time period.
  • Tracker 100T app will receive the location of a child from the GPS or SIM card whichever is most accurate and available and also receives the Gyroscope data to track the movement of the child.
  • Whenever the tracker gets disconnect by going out of range or some other unexpected reason it will call the server and receives the tracker’s current location from there.
  • Tracker is constantly connected to the server and sending its current location to the server, so whenever required parents can start the Cloud GPS option and get the location from the server.
  • It stores the history of the received location of the child and also call history of the call received from any of the contact no stored in the tracker.

Tech Stack

Android Studio

Android & OS 4.4 up

Bluetooth 4.0 up (BLE)

SQLite Database

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