Offload Logistics

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Mobile Application
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Transportation & Logistics
Offload logistics is a dedicated app for the transportation & logistics sector to help drivers who are used to travel a long distance for up to 8 days.
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The client approached us with the requirement of making an app for drivers who complete a long distance for delivering goods. The core objective was to build a logistics app for drivers that complying with prevalent three rules (70, 14, and 11 hours) in the US for transferring goods. The client wanted to make the driver’s life easy through an app.

The Challenges


  • Business logic of Google Map based on rules
  • Firebase cloud function for Braintree payment SDK

Our Solution

Our team has successfully implemented logic for Google Maps in the app in line with the US-based rules. We also integrated Firebase cloud-powered function to enable Brain Tree-based payment.


  • Login with email and password
  • Add source and Destination location with stop points. Drivers can also take a break in application in stop points.

Three prevalent roles in the USA-

  • 70 Hours
    Driver can only drive 70 hours per week
  • 14 Hours
    Driver can only drive 14 hours a day with break (OnDuty and Off Duty) as well
  • 11 Hours
    Driver can only drive 11 hours a day without break (OnDuty and Off Duty)

Types of trips in the application

  • Fresh Start
    In this type of trips, driver can create a trip with source and destination. Driver can also add stop points and break time at stop points.
  • Not Fresh Start
    If trips are not fresh start, driver needs to add the last week’s trip hours as well. As per the last week hours application will displace all the break and location.

Type of Breaks

  • 10-Hours Break
    Drivers have to take a break after 11 hours of driving. 10 Hours’ break is known as a sleeping time.
  • 30-Minutes Break
    Drivers have to take a 30-minutes break after start driving for 3 to 8 hours.
  • OnDuty
    This type of break means Drivers can able to take onload and unload goods.

Projected Log Screen

  • Users can check all the breaks/offduty/onduty logs graphically in this screen.

30-Minute Break

Tech Stack

Android Studio




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