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Mobile Application
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Telehealth Solution for ITU is a web-based mobile solution that extensively helps doctors and other remote health workers or stakeholders to stay connected even from remote places or outreach solutions. Its robust web portal enable ITU Admin or managers to manage user, user groups, and categories while defining contact access rules.
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ITU is an IT division of the United Nations that wanted to make a communication and help tool or a mobile app for on-field doctors to treat EBOLA virus in Africa and assist remote health workers. The concept was to enable field workers or on-field doctors to get the real-time assistance after spotting the problem, and start primary treatment before sending the patient to hospital.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge in the African region is no or poor network. Other challenges include

  • Differentiating Backend and Front end Application users in MEAN stack
  • Image uploading from Ionic to server
  • Fetching pictures in high resolution image only of marked area from actual size

Our Solution

Our team of experienced developers has dedicatedly work on this project for a long time to ensure a seamless performance and rich user experience. We overcome the issue of poor network by enabling the Offline Mode in the application.



  • Share images either from the gallery or capture using the device camera
  • Pinch in/out to view the received image
  • Picture Fetch feature enables the authorized users to mark specific area using a resizable rectangle in the received image
  • Copy feature allows users to choose the message (s) that needs to be copied and can be pasted in other conversations or chats
  • Read Receipt feature shows read messages as double ticks
  • Mute feature stops notifications for new messages
  • Private Note feature allows users to add notes that can be personalized
  • Send Chat via Email feature facilitates users to send text file attachment via email


  • Unread chats are highlighted in bold
  • Chat history shows the previous chat threads with other users along with the last time stamp
  • Search keyword enables users to get results with chat threads including the specific keywords


  • It enables users to request for action in any situation when assistance is required
  • View/edit the list of requested actions along with its status
  • Search request based on keywords
  • Filter the list as per the category
  • Update status to Close or Cancel for ongoing request
  • View the members of initiated group conversation
  • It gives users an ability to leave the conversation if they do not wish to receive notifications about the conversation

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