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Mobile Application
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Social Media
Hiplan is a social media application that helps users connect with other users who have similar interests and reside in nearby locations. This application is developed for both Android and iOS platforms.
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The client approached us with the requirement of a social media application that enables users to make leisure plans and post different stories. The client also wanted to enable users to connect with others via one-one chat and group chats. Users can also see the stories of various users on the preferences of targets when they publish them and like stories to initiate the chat.

The Challenges

  • Algorithm for displaying users and stories based on various criteria like distance, age, sex
  • Display user profile in the loop if the pool exhausts so every time user is able to see and swipe the profiles
  • Integrating Branch io for link sharing in IOS and opening specific page when user is installing app from the link
  • In-app purchase with Google and Apple
  • Stories time-line like WhatsApp and real-time notification when new stories is published
  • No Internet connection handlings for various android devices

Our Solution

Our team integrated a customized algorithm for displaying users and stories. We also integrated Branch io for link sharing in iOS. In-app purchase was integrated into both Android and iOS apps. Android devices can run this app even without the Internet.


User Features

  • Login with email and social media like Facebook
  • See a list of other Users around them based on their activity on the application, distance from them, and the filters applied
  • Publish new stories
  • Able to view various users’ stories based on the preferences of targets
    when a user publishes it
  • Able to like the stories and mark other users as favorite
  • Can see his favorite user list and who make him/her as their favorite
  • Able to do chat in the group and private
  • Share their stories on Facebook, WhatsApp
  • Send proposal to join their plan
  • Purchase premium subscription to create a club and see who mark them
    as favorite
  • Create a club and invite users to join their club
  • Search club and send requests to join
  • Can edit own profile and see how the profile is displayed to other users

Tech Stack

Ionic 3



Node Js

Branch IO



VS Code


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