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iTable is a complete web portal and mobile app to manage all the processes related to restaurants. iTable enables the admin or restaurant owners to book orders for delivery and reserve tables for customers. Separate apps for the waiter, manager, and owner can help restaurant owners to control all the processes effectively. The web portal and dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS can help users grow their restaurant business.
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The client wanted to make a comprehensive restaurant management portal and apps for both Android and iOS. iTable aims to provide a centralized system consisting of multiple yet independent subsystems. The client wanted us to make an app that can manage all the internal functionalities of the restaurant like inventory, reservation, and supplier management.

The iTable portal has a useful feature known as waste food management in which restaurants have a link with charitable organizations for sending extra food.

The Challenges

  • Generating floor plan for restaurant and branches
  • Sending real-time order request to the kitchen and updating Waiter for the prepared order
  • Handling multiple languages in AngularJS
  • Managing restaurant timing and making reservation for the customer
  • Order management on both restaurant and supplier sides and providing status details to each of them like Prepared Order, Accepted by Restaurant, Closed Order, etc.

Our Solution

Our dedicated developers are well-versed in various AngularJS languages. We also integrated an order management feature on both sides along with restaurant timing and online reservation features.


Panel for Super Admin

  • List of restaurants, customers, suppliers, and charitable organizations
  • Add Menu Items, Inventory, Food Category
  • Ingredients, and other related information
  • Add floor plan of the restaurant
  • Reservation Management
  • Map containing the list of restaurants
  • Order Management


Panel for Restaurant Owners

  • Registration and Restaurant Addition
  • Addition of floor plans
  • Reservation and Order Management
  • Add items in Menu, Inventory, and Ingredients
  • Delivery Management
  • Invoice generation and print
  • Analytics reports regarding sales, inventory, etc.
  • Supplier Management

Panel for Charitable Organizations

  • Registration and Sending contact request to restaurants
  • Accept Waste Food Requests sent by restaurants

Panel for Suppliers

  • Register and sending a contact request to restaurants
  • Accept orders and price update
  • Track pending payments and closed orders


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