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iPageMD is a healthcare mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. It offers excellent experience to healthcare service providers with effective communication. iPageMD is designed to meet the future needs of a thriving healthcare sector.
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The core objective behind developing iPageMD app is to expedite patient care without any errors. The client approached us with the need of developing an app that protects the privacy of patients and healthcare professionals while establishing effective communication. This is a quick, secure, and convenient platform with HIPAA & HITECH compliance.

The Challenges


  • Creating the live chat using Sockets.
  • To comply with HIPAA we have implemented encryption and decryption of text and media files and compression for the big media files.

Our Solution

We have safeguarded the application at each and every stage of the design phase to ensure that the app remains HIPAA compliant. Our in-house team of developers has created a Live Chat feature with the help of Sockets to establish seamless and real-time communication.


  • Private chat including media for hospital staff
  • Group chat including media for healthcare professionals
  • Automatically maintain Message-Life for chat
  • Patient list Hospital-wise
  • Handoff-notes for patients
  • Hospitalist off-duty feature
  • Push notifications with notification sound
  • Quick notes for hospital staff
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Real-time chat application
  • Managing the patient’s notes
  • The data will be stored in encrypted form so the doctors can freely chat about the Patients
  • Portal and mobile application together can be sold as a premium solution to multiple hospitals

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