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NalaGenetics is an Android application that provides a simple and easy way for patients and lab operators (providers) to discuss the patient’s details, health condition, and share data over the application.
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The client contacted us for bringing a HIPAA-compliant app that connects patients and lab operators. The app enables patients to communicate with providers or doctors using a secure and encrypted chat feature. The client wanted to make a healthcare app useful for two types of users.

Patients who can keep track of their health condition on day-to-day basis and track the progress of their current treatment. Patients can also chat with their providers (lab operators) to discuss details about their reports in a secure way. Patients can also view and share their reports using the app.

Lab operators or healthcare services providers can see the patient’s health information and ask queries for prescribing medicines. They can also ask for overall health condition of the patient and check the graph of patient’s activities for suggesting some tips to patients for maintaining healthy condition.

The Challenges


  • Maintaining the patient and providers’ data securely by encryption in the app
  • Maintaining charts based on the patient’s daily health status data
  • Integrating Chat feature for patients and healthcare service providers with 128-bit encryption and decryption for the HIPAA compliance

Our Solution

We have integrated encryption into the app for securing confidential data and the instant chat feature in line with the HIPAA norm.


Patients Features

  • Medical History
  • Assessment history or details
  • Day-to-day progress charts based on medicines
  • Day-to-day progress chart based on the bio-marker level asked by providers for specific drugs
  • Search medicine to see its details based on current treatment and add into the current medicine list
  • Add or edit current and past medicines and their details along with the dosage used for the particular treatment
  • Reports based on the specific drug and treatment
  • Chat screen to chat with Nalagenetics staff, doctors, providers, or hospital staff
  • Add or remove provider/doctors based on the current treatment
  • Patients can share their whole medical history or only recent with any healthcare providers
  • Invite new providers to the platform

Providers (Lab Operators) Features

  • Patients list to see the patient details
  • Day-to-day progress charts based on medicines for a particular patient
  • Day-to-day progress chart based on the bio-marker level asked by providers for specific drugs for a particular patient
  • Medicine list and dosage details of a particular patient
  • Search medicine to see its details based on patients treatment
  • Reports of each patient
  • Chat screen to chat with the patient, ask for a health condition or ask for the bio-marker level of a specific drug to a specific patient for the ongoing treatment

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