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iOS Application
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Parklee is a mobile parking marketplace that helps users find open spots, primarily in New York city, and make money as the space owner can rent the spot to the community of responsible drivers. As a parking application, Parklee enables drivers and parking space owners to list their own private parking spot and to find a parking space on rent.
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In big and busy cities like New York, it is hard to find where should we park the car. The client is a local Brooklynite who wanted to make unused areas available for rent to drivers who are needing a parking spot.

The Challenges


  • Manage direct payment flow from user to owner
  • Integration of Parse Database
  • Integration of Messaging API and Email API
  • Multiple Event handling by Push Notifications

Our Solution

We manage payment flow by enabling money transfer to the owner’s account and make debit for reserving the space from the driver. Our in-house team of developers also integrates Parse database, messaging API, and Email API. Push notifications handle multiple events including reservations, add vehicle, add payment information, and about-to-complete reservations effectively.


  • Users get space on rent or can list a space
  • Find spaces using fifilters like weekly-monthly or hourly-daily. Also, fifind space with name, zip code, type, and time
  • Facebook and native-based sign up and login Share & Earn feature helps users to experience Parklee for free
  • Social media sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Emails for Invoice, listing space, reservation confirmation, etc.
  • Mixpanel and Google Analytics
  • Deep Link Integration with referral bonus
  • Easy checkout and cash-out using Stripe
  • Adding Credit or debit card by scanning
  • Rate Space and Driver


Parklee Features

  • Create account using native or Facebook. Add vehicle and payment information.
  • User verification using Email and OTP message.
  • Manage and Share parking space on social media.
  • Edit profile, space listing, and managing history Get easy available parking within 10 mile radius

Tech Stack

iOS 9.0


Xcode 4.3



Anglar JS

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