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Progressive Web Application (PWA)
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MTN Sudan is a PWA (Progressive Web Application) that is useful to order and purchase SIM cards with Base plan and subscription-based services.
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The client is a leading provider of communication services, cellular networks, and business solutions. The client wanted to make a web application for its telecommunication services in Sudan, Africa. The core objective was to enable users to purchase SIM cards with the Base plan and subscription services like add-ons and offers. The end user can buy subscriptions and add-ons for their family with new SIM (Prepaid/Postpaid) services. Users can also pay bills using Debit or Credit cards and Mobile Money options using this web application.

The platform has 2 interfaces:

  • dEP Storefront (Progressive Web App )
  • Back Office Admin (Web-based)


  • Credentials and Plans Dependency
  • Challenges related to getting data from third-party APIs
  • Many environments are set up to deploy and verify the code
  • Challenges related to Microservice Architecture
  • Database migration using liquibase
  • Logging implementation for each microservices for Error, Warn, Debug, and Info level
  • SonarQube – Code coverage and Code quality check were challenges

Our Solution

Our team of experienced professionals has successfully addressed challenges related to Microservice-based architecture. Though we have used this architecture for the first time, we could handle its challenges effectively. Though we had some dependency in credentials and plans, we managed it and met challenges of getting data from different third-party APIs. Our expert developers used Liquibase for migrating database and SonarQube for code quality testing.


User Features

  • Login with Email or MSISDN
  • See list of MSISDN with Baseplan Subscriptions with their compatible
  • Filter List of plans and addons from the Home page and can Subscribe it with Logged in and anonymous user
  • Postpaid customers can able to pay the bill by Debit card and Mobile Money
  • Prepaid Customers can Top-Up their amount from Dashboard via Debit Card and Mobile Money
  • Postpaid and Prepaid customers purchase add ons which are compatible with their baseplan
  • Customers can raise the problem via Submit ticket to the Admin
  • Postpaid and Prepaid customers can verify their History like Order History, Top-up, AddonsHistory, Balance History, Usage History, Notification, Rewards, Top-up etc.

User Features

  • MTN Subscriber customers can gift their compatible addons to another MTN Subscriber for those only who have compatible base plan with compatible addons
  • MTN Subscriber can purchase addons for their friends and family from dashboard
  • MTN Subscriber customers can also check their Remaining Data or SMS balance and also can check Prepaid balance as well
  • MTN Subscriber customers can verify their baseplan details and Subscription details in the dashboard
  • Configurations for different microservices like Message configurations, Response Code configurations, Product and Category configurations
  • Drupal CMS to configure content in dEP


Back Office Admin Features

  • Login with Email for Super Admin, Admin, BO Manager, etc.
  • Admin can reset the password via a link and OTP based on configurations
  • Admin can verify profile from my profile with their username, email, and Role Name, and also can change the password from the same screen
  • Admin can verify the list of modules like Cart Management, Roles & Permission, Master Data Configuration, System Configuration, etc.
  • Admin can verify the list of generated carts via end user with all the cart details
  • Admin can update the roles and view the staff roles permissions which come from Keycloak
  • Admin can Add/Update/delete Master Data like Location, Ticket-Type, Ticket Category/Sub   Category, and Consent
  • Admin can also import Master data via CSV file
  • Admin can also export the Master data via CSV file
  • Admin can update System Configuration and end users can verify in the storefront dEP
  • Admin can import and Export Selected System Configuration via CSV and XLSX file

Tech Stack



React JS

Angular JS

Node JS Express with Typescript

NextJS (ReactJs)






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