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Web Application
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Enterprise (Sales)
Numa Networks is a web application with built-in integration of AutoTask Software. It is useful for adding custom opportunities in the AutoTask and representing them in an excel sheet view.
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The client contacted us with a requirement for a web application to enable users to add opportunities (Sales Quotations) in AutoTask Software. The client also wanted us to build an application that can represent these opportunities in an excel sheet view.

The Challenges

  • AutoTask SOAP APIs Integration
  • Fetching opportunities and restructuring the response data so that we can represent them in sheet-like view categories by Year(Current and Upcoming 2 Years), Categories and Months
  • Export the opportunities with the same sheet look and feel as PDF

Our Solution

Our in-house team integrated AutoTask SOAP APIs. We also facilitated the users to export the opportunities with the same  look-and-feel in the PDF.


  • Login with Email, Password, and Verification Code from TFA apps like Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, etc.
  • If Users log in the First time, they will be asked to set up TFA by scanning QR Code
  • Users can change passwords, by adding an EMail-ID and Verifification Code and then New Password
  • The user is logged out after a session of 1 hour
  • Users can see a List of companies fetched from AutoTask in Home Screen
  • Users can change the logo of the company
  • Users can change the theme of the sheet
  • System Admin can add users
  • System Admin can change a user’s password by adding Email and New Password
  • On Clicking company, users can see Opportunities of current and upcoming next 2 years fetched from AutoTask and Custom Opportunities added in the app database
  • View the opportunities in a sheet-like a look and feel categories by Year, category, and Months
  • See opportunities details by clicking on a particular opportunity cell
  • Can change the background of a particular cell Export the opportunities as PDF with the same look and feel of the sheet

Tech Stack


React Js



AWS S3 (Bucket)


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