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Mobile Application
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Legal, Business
NotaryCam is a user-friendly, feature-rich application to enable people to notarize documents online. It is a convenient way to get connected with a notary online to simplify the notary process.
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NotaryCam is a US-based company that offers online notary services. Notarization is a time-taking process in the US and people have to pay a lot of time, money, and effort to visit the notary offifice for their documents.

In case multiple documents are required for the notarizing process and not all are available at a single sitting, they have to visit the offifice frequently to get the notary done. It is a long and cumbersome process that requires a lot of effort.

To overcome these issues an online notary facility, NotaryCam was conceptualized which would be implemented via a mobile app.

The Challenge


  • Online KBA (Knowledge-based Authentication) process
  • Drawing or adding digital signature, text, and checkmark to document at the proper scale
  • Handle online notary session through chat, video conference, and live editing
  • Adding documents through an email

Our Solution

We have added the KBA process for effective user authentication online. We also added an extension known as “Copy to NotaryCam” to enable users to add documents via email. Furthermore, we added a feature to add annotations to various documents.


  • Login through the email address and cookies for ongoing session
  • Upload or Add document and supporting documents
  • Add annotations to documents like texts, checkmarks, and digital signatures
  • Real-time Chat with a notary offificer Video conference
  • KBA process for user authentication
  • List of uploaded documents
  • Upload documents from Photos, Camera, and Dropbox
  • Open uploaded documents
  • Search documents
  • Edit User Profifile details
  • Add digital signature by drawing or adding an image

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