Project Type
iOS Application
Industry Domain
Entertainment, E-Commerce
Klervya is an iOS application useful for selling selected items in the Live show. It enables users to get rid of payment and logistics-related issues as a robust eCommerce app. Users can get a better conversion rate by providing ease of interaction and one-click shopping experience to their customers.
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The client approached us with an objective to make an eCommerce app for establishing close relationships with customers through the live video format. Another objective was to address various operational aspects of payment and delivery of selected items. Klervya app enables users to start selling various items live in less than a minute. It also enables users to choose a small or large audience as per the business objective.

Klervya has three interfaces- end-user mobile app, host mobile app, and web-based admin panel.

The Challenges


  • Socket management
  • Live streaming integration
  • Product & variant management with validation

Our Solution

Our in-house team of developers has integrated live streaming functionality in the app along with the product and variant management based on the MySQL database.


User Features

  • Signup with email and complete profile by adding username, profile picture, first name
  • See a list of live shows, upcoming shows, past shows
  • See the details of the upcoming show where they can also see the show schedule, description, and the product which will be going to be sold in the show once it’s live by the host
  • Users can join the live show, like the show, and add comments during the live show. See the host details and the number of users who join the show
  • Users can set their delivery info and payment details from the profile screen
  • Users can purchase the product in multiple quantities based on their interest from live shows or past shows

Host Feature

  • Signup by email and complete a profile to become a host by adding a unique invitation code.
  • Create a public or private show
  • The host can add the product which they want to sell in the live show. The host can add products with multiple variants and also set its inventory
  • See a list of upcoming shows
  • Start the live show on the date of the show or before
  • The host can enable the product to make it available for purchase in live shows
  • See the comments added by users during a live show, count of number joined users, and purchase count of orders
  • See the overall statistics in the dashboard e.g. Number of participants, Number of products sold, Number of likes, and Total amount of sold products
  • See the past show and recording of the show

Admin Features

  • Login with email
  • See dashboard statistics e.g. no of host, no of users, total products, total orders, total shows
  • See a list of users and hosts
    • – Filter list by account type and search for a specific host or user
    • – Activate/Deactivate host or user
  • See a list of shows & and their details
    • – Filter shows by type and search for the show by specific keyword
    • – Add the product in show, edit the product or enable/disable product in show
    • – Add or edit product variants in the show
    • – See product inventory e.g. Total quantity, sold quantity, the remaining quantity
    • – Increase or decrease the inventory of products
  • Download the order reports of a particular show

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Video call and Live streaming

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