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Mobile Application
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DriveIn (Coffee App) is a mobile app designed to order coffee from any coffee shop in Dubai. The app is available in both English and Arabic languages.
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The client contacted us with a requirement of making an online coffee ordering app. The client wanted to enable customers or app users to order coffee from any coffee shop conveniently to their place and location. We had made two interfaces for the application-

  • End-user Mobile Application for Android or iOS
  • Admin Panel based on web portal

The Challenges


  • Displaying coffee shop in the map view as per the user’s location along with their distance to coffee shop
  • Availability of DriveIn (Coffee App) in English and Arabic
  • Auto Setup of push notififications and SMS
  • Defifining role management in Admin Panel

Our Solution

Our team has successfully defined the roles in the Admin panel. We have integrated the coffee shop into the map and made the app in two languages, English and Arabic. App users could get notification when the status of their orders is changed.


User Features

  • Signin/SignUp with mobile number based on OTP confirmation
  • User can see the list of all coffee shop with nearby location using the Map View and List View
  • Filter coffee shop using location, cuisines and search cafe
  • Filter item by the category of coffee shop and search item
  • Display coffee shop branch distance from the user’s location
  • Place order and self pickup their order
  • View list of all orders- past and in-progress orders
  • Mark the coffee shop as favorite
  • Rate various items
  • Get notification when order status change
  • Change language of the app from Arabic and English and vice versa
  • Get discount by applying coupon
  • Get Loyalty Point at every order as per the amount they spent

Admin Features

  • Login/Signup with email
  • View today’s sales, Weekly Sales, Average pay per customer, Today’s Orders etc.
  • Add/Update coffee shop address, working hours, cuisine, photos, and legal documents
  • List of Branches, Order List, Employees, Coupons, Items, Category, Menu Size, and Reports as per payment, sales, and time
  • Filter Order List based on branches, date, and order status
  • Change status like Accept/Prepare/Ready for Pickup/Receive/Reject/Not Picked
  • Active/Inactive Branches, Employees, Items, Modififiers, Category, Menu Size
  • Create/Update Branches, Employees, Loyalty Points, Coupons, Items, Modififiers
  • Change the language of Admin Panel(English from Arabic and vice versa)

Manage roles as per the permissions mentioned below-

  • Super Admin- All Admin features including do everything with all coffee shop and list of Application users and Active/Inactive coffee shop and App Users
  • Owner has all admin features
  • Manager- All admin features except add owner account, add branches, and can see only for his branch
  • Accounting- It shows the report for Sales
  • Employee- It shows the List of Orders and change the status of the order

Tech Stack

MySQL Database

Angular JS

Ionic 5




Google Maps

GIT Pipeline

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