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iOS Application
Industry Domain
On-demand Food and Grocery
iXopp is a mobile app to search products or items like groceries and foods in nearby stores. It is an on-demand food and grocery delivery app that enables end-users to order products and pay online.
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The client wanted to make an on-demand delivery app for groceries and food items. End-users can view a list of items and nearby shores where these items are available along with the rating, price, and distance from the user’s location. The client also wanted us to make the iXopp platform in a way that store owners can manage their products or orders from a web-based application.

iXopp platform has 3 different interfaces-

  • Mobile Application for End-Users
  • Web-based Panel for Store Owners
  • Web-based Admin Panel

The Challenges

  • Custom search and filter Product Algorithms.
  • Uploading production using different ways like CSV, manual, and UPC, Managing long way process that takes many hours to finish.
  • Processing CSV with thousands of products and managing all needed metadata for it was the greatest challenge.
  • Multiple stores Reject Order for Refund Process.
  • Export and import of multiple products and their detail on admin and store-admin panel interface.

Our Solution

We made customized algorithms for custom search and filters. We also integrate a robust Refund Process for Reject Orders of multiple stores. Our skilled developers have processed CSV with hundreds of thousands of products along with the metadata successfully.


User Features

  • SignUp and  Sign-In with email and password
  • Users would be able to use the application as guest users
  • See the list of categories like Restaurants, Grocery, Liquor stores, Personal Care
  • Search list of product details that are available in nearby stores based on product name and location
  • Explore current areas and find stores near you
  • Call and enquire about the product to the particular store
  • Sort and filter list of products based on rating, price, miles, and user coordinates
  • See the particular store details and their product details
  • Users add the particular store and Product reviews
  • Add Multiple store Products into cart for Place Order
  • Pay the bill for the ordered Stores Product
  • Manage cart items and add remove as you need
  • Multiple ways to pay for all your products
  • Get Order notifications about Store-owner Update their order status
  • View All orders history

Store Features

  • Register store with particular store category and Time and email
  • Login with email and password
    • – See a list of Products, orders, notifications, and Batch Manage
  • Filter list of Product based on image and price
  • Search product based on the product name
  • Add and Manage multiple Products
    • – See a list of Products and their details
    • – Add product with scan UPC code and without scan UPC code
    • – Add multiple Products using Upload CSV File
  • Manage multiple orders and status
    • – See a list of all orders and their details
    • – Store-owners are able to accept or reject orders
    • – Store-owners can change accepted orders to ready for pickup and completed orders
  • Manage order notification
    • – Get order notifications about users placing new orders
  • Manage  Batch Product UPC Code Upload
    • – See a list of Products UPC Code
    • – Add Product UPC Code
  • Export multiple Products added into CSV Format

Admin Features

  • Login with email and password
    • – See a list of users, store-owners, orders, reviews, transactions, CSV Management
  • Manage multiple store-owners and their orders
    • – See a list of store-owners and Manage their online payment
  • Manage multiple orders and status
    • – See a list of all orders and their details
    • – Admin able to Reject orders
  • Filter list of order based on order status
  • Search order based on merchant name and order code
  • Manage store and Product reviews
  • Manage store categories
  • Manage products CSV files
    • – See a list of all Upload CSV File
    • – Export store-admin and admin Product CSV file
    • – Admin able to Upload product CSV File
  • Manage Store-owners’ Transaction
    • – See a list of All store-owners pending transactions
    • – Filter list of transactions based on the date
    • – Paid store-owners transaction

Tech Stack


Angular JS

Amazon SES

Amazon SNS

Node with Typescript



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