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The RoadCaptain app is a navigation app that helps users to plan their trips with a seamless user experience. The app has a graphical representation of potholes and accurate pothole management.
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The client approached us with a requirement for a navigation app that helps users plan their trips. The RoadCaptain app has two interfaces- End-user mobile application for Android and iOS and an Admin panel based on the web platform. The client wanted us to make an app for trip management with features like deciding the best custom route, checking suggested trips, and monitoring future trips. The graphical representation of potholes is another major feature of the app.

The Challenges


  • Mapbox integration for turn-by-turn navigation
  • Pothole management and its graphical representation on the map
  • Adding live potholes to the current location that will be visible in the future, to other users if they pass through the same path
  • Saving unfinished trips and starting the past trip when navigation started

Our Solution

Our team has integrated Mapbox for turn-by-turn navigation. We also represented potholes graphically on the map and added live potholes to the current location. Our experienced developers also added the feature of saving unfinished trips and starting the past trip when navigation started.


App Features

  • Sign up and log in with email
  • User’s future Trip Management
  • Help users to discover routes with Turn-By-turn navigation with Mapbox
  • Route suggestion based on source and destination
  • Update map with potholes. As well as show potholes on the user’s route
  • Help to plan a trip along with rating facility
  • Newsfeed display coming from Admin
  • Weather forecast for the upcoming week
  • Reaching emergency contact in case of any emergency
  • Show in-app advertisement for the nearby restaurant while trip running

Admin Features

  • Login with email.
  • Dashboard – See a list of the active user, active route, news feed., active interest points
  • Interest master – The user can add & manage interest type and interest point
  • There is a role access management feature
  • Users can add advertisements with images and info
  • List of new and Add new news. This will notify all the users with a notification
  • Add Route Suggestions for users
  • Potholes management
  • Reports: List of the frequent users, popular interest points, the popularity of routes

Objective C


Twilio for SMS Integration


Android Studio


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