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Mindset is the ultimate source and excellent platform for motivation and self-development. People can get the best inspirational and educational audios for free with Mindset.
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The client contacted us with the requirement of developing an app for inspiring people to achieve success. The client wished to come up with an app that assists users in self-development. The platform has three phases- Users, Creators, and Admin. The creator can add audio and videos. The Admin can also add audios and manage creators. The Mindset platform has three interfaces-

  • Admin Panel (Web-based)
  • Creator Panel (Web-based)
  • User Application (Android and iOS App)

The Challenges

  • We have implemented a search algorithm that was based on the fuzzy search algorithm which was taking much time to implement in the MongoDB cluster
  • In the search algorithm, we faced some repetition issues which were taking more time to reproduce and then solve
  • User listing loads are very slow so we manage all skills data to the user table to reduce the API load
  • Ad integration: Show ads in between playing a playlist after a certain period in the foreground as well as background

Our Solution

Our developers resolved repetition issues in the search algorithm. We also managed all skills data to reduce the API load and integrated ads in a way that ads are shown after a certain period while the playlist is playing.


Admin Features

  • Admin login with email and password with the captcha which needs to be added accurately
  • Admin can see the real time active users, analysis of audios record data by date filters
  • Crud on Sub-admin
  • Breaking rows which is used to change the row
  • In the category management module which involved the crud of categories, mindset category list’s crud, energy level’s crud, suggested artists from universally-categories or energies wise, created settings for the trending algorithm, able to add search settings and congratulation settings
  • Crud on artists
  • In audio managements are able to do crud on audios, crud on daily mindset audios, and crud on schedule daily mindset audios
  • In the playlist, management can able to do crud on playlists, reordering on playlists, and create a featured playlist
  • User management manages the users listing, manages claims usernames listing
  • In creator management, the admin can approve or decline creator from creator account request, manages the listing of the reality payments and payment history
  • In communication management admin can see all the notifications from broadcast or popup types, able check the comment listing and manage it, bugs listing, contact us listing
  • In hashtag management, the admin can make lists of restricted hashtags listing which later we’ll restrict the hashtags allowed to users, and manage hashtags
Creator Panel Features
  • Client admin can log in with email, google authenticator, apple authenticator, and Facebook authenticator
  • There is an option for the Forgot Password and Reset Password
  • Creator User can see the bio of his own, analysis of all audios which he uploaded
  • Creator admin is able to create audio and manage them
  • He can analyze and check the audio’s history with the date filters
  • Can be able to do contact us request
  • Creator users can view the FAQ Details page

Mindset App/User App Features

  • Login with email, Facebook, and Gmail (Google)
  • There is an option for the Forgot Password and Reset Password
  • Users can listen to new speeches, interviews, and playlists
  • Search for your favorite speakers, creators, and thought leaders
  • Discover life-changing advice curated by top content creators
  • Access playlists covering anxiety, focus, stress, and more
  • Create and share your own playlists
  • Download and listen offline
  • Increase skills level by listening to playlists
  • Dark and light mode UI
  • Users can personalize their playlists by selecting categories, energies, speakers, creators, etc.
  • Yearly and monthly subscriptions to enable selected features of the app

Tech Stack


Angular 11

Ionic 3 with Capacitor

iOS (Swift)


Android (Java)

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