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Everbadge is a mobile ad serving platform like Google AdMob. This web-based platform is highly complex and robust that can handle over 5000 requests a second. It is useful for managing mobile advertisement data and tracking and performance of advertising.
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The client was very clear in his objectives in the mobile advertisement field. He had a good background in this domain and started his own mobile advertisement submission and publishing platform using Everbadge.

The client contacted us with the objective of developing an entire ad-serving AdMob kind of platform. Everbadge assisted the client to get success in his business. The concept of making this platform is based on the currently working HASOFFERS site. 

The Challenge

  • Custom reports to each and every user according to his/her role
  • Accessibility of data using an API key
  • Managing custom Invoice(s) based on selected timeframe by Administrator
  • Managing too much data and optimize it for faster & better performance (Approx data maybe 2 million and more)
  • The same structure needs to be followed for mobile site as well using Mobile jQuery

Custom Reports


Custom Invoice(s)

Managing Data

Our Solution

We build an advertisement SDK and a complex web platform with the necessary features. Everbadge assisted  


  • Signup for Advertisers and Publishers
  • Real-Time Reports for users after Login as per earning (Day to Day, Month by Month) with Chart layout.
  • Real-Time Reports for Admin
  • Real-time notifications for new and paused campaigns as well as any global payout changes using RSS Feed
  • Managing Affiliates
  • Private API key (Stats API, Offers API)
  • Managing Employees
  • Create an Offers
  • Upload creative files for an offer(s)
  • Add conversion code for offers
  • Payout using system-generated Invoice(s) for Affiliates
  • Custom reports
  • Export to Excel integration using PEAR library
  • Mobile site
  • Extension to create Android Live Wallpaper Apps within minutes using Live Wallpaper Maker

Tech Stack


Mobile jQuery







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