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Mobile Application
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Entertainment, Social
Seven (InstaDating) is a matchmaking mobile application that enables users to get a match based on their preferences and profiles.
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The client wanted to make an Instagram-based app that enables end-users to join a pool for matchmaking at a set time every day. Once the pool of all 14 members has joined, the users can see the list of all 7 users of the opposite users. The objective was to offer a 100 percent match to users along with an option to chat with the match. The user can set their preference for matchmaking by dragging their profile up and down. Also, it is possible to view the details of all seven users of the opposite gender within a limited span of 3 minutes.


The Seven platform has an end-user mobile app for iOS and Android. It works on the ‘Stable Marriage Problem’ algorithm.



  • Socket management
  • Pool and Preference timer management
  • Managed to add 7 male and 7 female users in the pool and if timeout then add bots
  • Firebase chat management at the app side when the user already matched, then not create a new chat thread

Our Solution

Our team integrated features for the socket, pool, and preference timer management. We also integrated bots in the pool in the case of a timeout while managing 7 male and 7 female users. Firebase chat management was also integrated into the app.


User Features

  • Users will have a demo option to experience the great features of the app before they register into the system
  • The pool will be available from 9:00 PM PST to 10:00 PM PST, all users will be notified before the 1 min pool starts
  • In the pool, 14 members can join which is 7 male and 7 female
  • Every user can see the opposite gender 7 profile. For example, a Male user can see 7 female user profiles
  • Every user can set their preference for matchmaking by dragging the profile of the user up and down
  • Users can report if found some abusive content from any users
  • Users will get a 100% match from their preference list which results generated from the ‘Stable Marriage Problem’ algorithm.
  • Users can chat with a matched profile and can block that user
  • In the Profile section, users are able to upload 5 profile pictures that are displayed opposite the user during the pool preference list

Tech Stack

Firebase DB

Node JS

React Native


Socket io

Android Studio

AWS services

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