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Industrial solutions, IoT Technology, Mobile application
Industry Domain
IIoT & Manufacturing
Ally is a purpose-built remote assistance app based on AR technology that enables companies involved in heavy and complex machinery/equipment to connect, engage, and collaborate efficiently with machine experts and deliver the desired outcome. This real-time remote assistance solution can assist enterprises to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability while enhancing their brand value and reducing expert visitation cost and time.
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The industry sector deals with challenges arising due to a skewed ratio between skilled and unskilled resources. It often results in skimmed profits because of a lack of access for the skilled sector, or expert and lack of guidance for the service sector. It leads to higher costs, longer downtime, loss of productivity, inefficient workforce utilization, and monitoring.

The objective was to create an AR-based solution aided with an optimized information management system, which will be utilized by the experts for providing remote assistance and lot more ancillary services.


  • Unexpected Machine Downtime
  • High Expert Visitation Cost
  • Inefficient Resource Utilization
  • EHS Adherence
  • SLA Deviation
  • Lack of Collaboration for Service Delivery

Unexpected Machine Downtime

EHS Adherence

High Expert Visitation Cost

Inefficient Resource Utilization

A Befitting Solution

With remote assistance at its core functionality, Solution Analysts tried to overcome most of the industry challenges that enterprises were facing with “Ally” when it came to accessing expert guidance, checking SLA deviations and accessing a knowledge base that had already documented historical data and events related to a particular asset.

  • It provide virtual work assistance to on-field workers of various industrial sectors like automobile, manufacturing etc. This would reduce downtime significantly
  • Agriculturists can assist farmers to improve yield and prevent crop failures through virtual monitoring of crops and on-time detection of issues.
  • Virtual inspection or audit of remote resources can ensure quality of products
  • Civil contractors and lead architects can supervise and review the on-site work in progress remotely
  • Remote assistance for defense and patrolling enables retired veterans and war experts to ensure vigilance and take swift actions as and when necessary
  • And Lot more…..


  • Remote Assistance
  • Digital Annotations
  • Multi-Party Conference Host
  • Call Functionality
  • Guest User Functionality
  • Call Logs Speech-to-Text
  • Access to Problem History
  • Access to Knowledge Center
  • Access to Asset Manual

Tech Stack





MySql ( AWS RDS )




Agora SDK

& lot more..

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