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Mobile Application
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Health & Fitness
Kaa-Yaa is a fitness training app designed to help users achieve their fitness goals through personalized workouts. The app enables users to perform exercises and workouts at home or anywhere with three different levels- Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.
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The sole objective of this fitness app is to guide and motivate the users to they can perform workouts regularly at home or at the gym. The client contacted us to make a robust workout cum personal fitness instructor app that can create workout plans as per the user’s requirements. These workout plans can be classified into four categories- Gain Mass, Get Lean, Build Strength, and Develop Power.

The Challenge

  • The workout timer needs to be paused when
  • the user goes to a different application
  • The Timer needs to show the correct time
  • Parallel thread & timer management
  • Give a personalized experience to users as a gym trainer

Workout Timer


Timer Management

Gym Trainer

Our Solution

We have added a functionality to calculate the time of workout using a scalable timer. Audio instruction on how to perform exercises and videos of exercise can give a personalized experience to the users as a gym trainer.


  • Users can schedule workouts for weeks
  • Users can reschedule workouts only for two times
  • The app prompts the user to take a pledge that
  • they will perform a workout on a certain day at a certain time The lock screen widget enables the user to perform a workout without unlocking their smartphone
  • Dashboard: User can check how many workouts completed in 7 days and also how much time spends in workouts. Users can also create/schedule workouts through the dashboard.
  • Schedule Workout: There are four types of workouts- 1. Gain Mass 2. Get Lean 3. Build Strength 4.Develop Power. Users can create workouts as per his/her level (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced). Users can also defifine the required time for workouts in a day. Then as per our back-end logic, the app will display exercises as per the user’s level and predefifined time.
  • Do an existing workout/ My Calendar: Users can check reschedule workouts and also check passed workout as well. When the user clicks on the workout, they will see all the exercises.
  • Exercise List: Users can see whole exercises. If users want to reschedule or cancel the workouts, they can do so through Exercise List.
  • Begin Workout: The user can start workout through this screen. We have given audio instructions of exercises and also for rest. Users can skip the exercises and also pause the workout. Users can check the exercise videos and full audio instructions.
  • Review Exercises: The user can see all the exercises, see the videos, and also listen to the full audio instructions from there.
  • Demo Video: The user can see demo videos of exercises and follow the audio instructions.
  • Settings: Users can on or off the notifification 1 hour before the set time, and can also change the password.

Tech Stack Used

Android Studio

Android 5.0+

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