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Rapwarz was a mobile app intended to gamify rap music for budding rap artists in the USA. It has two versions- 1) Free Version with a limited number of beats and supported by ads. 2) Pro version with more beats and without ads.
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The client approached us with a requirement of developing a gamification platform for rappers. The client wanted to come up with a multiplayer application for both Android and iOS platforms.

The Challenge

In 2012, iOS and Android platforms were completely different at that time, and it was a big challenge to build an UI design exactly the same for both the platforms.

Other challenges include

Recording rap over the beat:

This was a major challenge as the voice was to be recorded over the beat and in the record ing quality was also to be maintained.

Custom gallery layout for beats:

The gallery for selecting beats, playing beats and marking beats favorite is like carousal. The challenging part was to get the category images from web-service and display the play, select/beat credit and favorite buttons on top of the category image.

Play rap design:

The design of playing of Rap was such that the timer should increase as well as progress bar was to increase with the playing of rap, just as in a media player.

Recording quality:

This application requires the recording quality to be very good, so that the words are heard clearly along with the beat and the effect of noise is minimized. Achieving this for android and iPhone was a very challenging task.

Our Solution

Our dedicated team of developers have worked extremely good and made the UI designs exactly the same for both Android and iOS versions of the app.


Registration: The user needs to register for using the application. A user can also register using Facebook information.

Play Beats: This functionality allows users to play beats from the gallery of available beats.

Record Raps: Using this feature the user can record the raps over a particular beat. The beats are played in the background and the user records the raps above it. After recording any rap user can do the following:

  • Playback the recorded rap
  • Delete the recorded rap
  • Submit the rap so that it’s available for other users to listen to. While submitting user can set the mature content flflag to the rap. If adult content
  • Is used in the rap then it can be set to ON so that users with mature content setting set to OFF cannot listen to them.

Battle: The battle functionality allows the user to challenge any other user for Rap battle by recording rap and submitting it against that user. A user can initiate a battle in the following ways:

  • Facebook Friends: A user can select any of the Facebook friends who are Rap wars users, to initiate a battle challenge
  • Random Opponent: This gives the user another random user to battle with.
  • Rapper name: Users can search and select from the available list of names who are RapWars application users.
  • Contact list: Opens the user’s contact list from which the user can select any contact for battle and can also invite non-users of the application to use the application via Email and SMS.
  • Mark Raps Favorite: Application users can mark the raps as favorite and can view the list of all the favorite beats.

Notififications: Whenever any user wants to challenge another user for a rap battle a notifification is sent to the opponent for that challenge. The opponent can either accept the challenge by recording a new rap and submitting it or can decline the challenge.

In-app Purchases:
This feature is used in the application in two ways:

  • Beat credit purchase: Initially, the user is given only a limited no. of beats that can be used for recording a rap. Users can unlock more beats by purchasing beat credits.
  • Upgrade to Pro version: The free version user can upgrade to the PRO version by initiating an in-app purchase. Upgrade to the PRO version removes ads plus gives the user a bonus of 100 beat credits to buy more beats.

User Settings: App also has a facility for allowing users to update the profifile details. Settings also allow to set certain flflags for the application such as Post to Facebook (ON/OFF), Post to Twitter (ON/OFF), Sound effects (ON/OFF), and Mature content (ON/OFF).

Share Raps: Users can share the raps using Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Emails, and SMS.

Invite: Shows the list of user’s contact list and allows the user to send an invite to join Rap wars via Email and SMS.

Tech Stack Used

IDE- Eclipse

Android SDK 2.3.1

Android Emulator

IDE–xCode 4.2


iPhone/iPad Simulator

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