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Mogoal is a wealth-coaching app that teaches financial and lifestyle planning in a user-friendly way. iOS users can create a budget, track their income and expenses, eliminate debt, and meet their financial goals by following its step-by-step guide.

It also suggests recommendations to save more money and pay their debts faster. Mogoal application can also predict the expected accomplishment date of active goals based on the user’s financial wealth plan.
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The client approached us with the objective of developing a financial and lifestyle planning app to eliminate personal debt, create passive income, and build lasting wealth.

Users can also create their family and invite their friends to be a part of financial literacy and manage financial planning together. The app manages the user’s data based on their family’s timezone.

The client also wished to include a customized financial algorithm for day-to-day life and suggest personalized recommendations to save more money and complete debts faster.

The Mogoal app also facilitates users to create a budget, track their income and expenses, and meet financial goals by showing them proven steps. The app collects the data of budgeted vs actual expenses and shows the same in daily, weekly, and monthly options.

The Challenges

  • Customized financial algorithm solution
  • Design budget for users in a single click based on their incomes and desired budget amounts
  • Making recommendations to save more and complete debts
  • Deriving budget v/s actual expenses daily, weekly and monthly presentations of the situation for each standard wallets
  • Managing user’s data based on their family timezone
  • Designing cool Mogoal roadmap with decent UX
  • Based on user’s financial wealth predict their goal’s expected accomplishment date
  • Calculate debt amortization chart
  • Best coaching guidance for each and every possibility with user interactions
  • Validating all the trophies criteria and update their status

Our Solution

Our team of expert developers made a tailored algorithm and integrated personalized recommendations. Our team also designed a unique Mogoal roadmap by keeping the rich user experience in mind. We also put the effort into managing the user’s data based on their timezone while making the coaching guidance interactive for them.


User Features

  • Login, Sign up with an email ID and allow users to authenticate themselves with Touch ID and Face ID
  • Family Plan where you can send family members an invite to be on the family together where you all can contribute and build wealth
  • The Mogoal Wealth Coaching App encapsulates the wealthy approach via the Mogoal Road Map’s 7 fundamental steps:
  1. Get organized
  2. Build wealthy habits
  3. Eliminate personal consumer debt
  4. Plan life according to your aspirations
  5. Make strategic financial investments
  6. Learn to grow and give
  7. Own your destiny, become a Mogoal
  • Step-By-Step Guidance
    • – The Mogoal Wealth Coaching app has all the built-in features you need to plan your finances, allocate budgets, track sources of income, eliminate your personal debt, control your spending, and advice on how to obtain a financially fulfilling life.
  • A Personalized Financial Plan That Evolves With You
    • – Most financial troubles originate from a lack of planning, having a system to track spending, no accountability or proper guidance. The Mogoal app fills these gaps through a logically sequenced process that helps you transition from one stage to the next.
  • Track Your Income & Expenses
    • – In the Mogoal Wealth Coaching app, you can track expenses and income in real-time, create digital wallets for credit cards, and bank accounts. You can even manage Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies with ease!
  • Gamify Your Journey
    • – Connect your income sources and payment methods to your account and your finances are automatically managed as you spend and earn money. Progress from one stage to another is like playing a video game. Your Mogoal Road Map progress bar changes and you are awarded trophies for your wealth-building success.
  • Real-Time, Personalized, A.I. Wealth Coaching That Gets Better As You Grow
    • – The more you use the app, the better the guidance gets to help you reach your financial goals.
    • – Your A.I. wealth coach, Moe, gives you real-time advice to improve the way you manage your finances and create opportunities to generate wealth.
  • Moe, will consider all the things you want to purchase and the amounts, paydays, bill due dates, debt, and where you are in your wealth-building journey to automatically generate an easy-to-follow budget. Moe makes this complex process as simple as tapping one button.
  • Mogoal provides Elite Coaching with below in-app purchase options
    • – Monthly Elite Coaching $34.99
    • – Annual Elite Coaching $349.99

Tech Stack

Swift 4.X




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