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Vocalize is an iOS and Android app that enables users to speak a company’s phrase to get right to the company’s site or the contact details. It facilitates users to get rid of searching and remembering website URLs. App users can easily search for the information they want using “Phrases.”
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The client wanted to make it easier for app users to get unique content on the web without remembering a long URL of the company’s websites. Instead of remembering the URLs, app users can create a simple and unique phrase that can be easily remembered. Another objective for Vocalize app is to search for and lease new phrases for users in the USA.

The Challenges


  • For iOS,  till iOS 12 you can not create this kind of Dynamic Input app, but with iOS 13 Apple provides Dynamic Input with Custom Intent feature
  • For Android, Google Assistant was not working with voice command. It works only with App actions tools

Our Solution

We made an SDK called “VocalizeSDK” for API calling in the app and exposing Vocalize functions as a 3rd party SDK that anyone can integrate. Users can also use Siri in iOS or Google Assistant in Android through this SDK. Our Vocalize SDK is also useful for searching features into the apps. Users can speak “Phrase” and SDK will provide the result accordingly.


  • Ability to sign up as a user
  • Users can Search from the app as a Guest without Login & Sign up
  • Users can view the List of Phrases
  • Vocalize SDK provides a Search feature using “Siri” and “Google assistant” in our app
  • Users can speak “Phrase” and SDK will provide the result according to that phrase
  • Users can take a Lease and Payment from the app
  • For iOS, users can Create, Edit, and Delete Siri Shortcut from the app

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