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The FillTree is a responsive web application that enables users to calculate the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emitted by the user’s vehicles. The application calculates the number of trees required to neutralize the amount of CO2 thrown out from the user’s vehicle.
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The client wanted to build a responsive application that can display the total CO2 emitted by the user’s vehicles and the total number of trees required to compensate for the emission of CO2. Users need to enter their vehicle type and total miles traveled to get the total CO2 emitted. The application also enables users to make payments to the admin and the admin will plant trees on behalf of users.

The app has built-in 5 fuel types, 28 vehicle types, and their fuel efficiency to calculate CO2 emitted by vehicle type. It provides users with 2 units- English and Metric. If the user selects English, then distance will be in miles and CO2 will be in lbs. If the user selects Metric, then distance will be in km and CO2 will be in kgs.  The user can view their history allowing them to keep track of CO2 emitted and trees planted by them.



  • Delete travel record when the user removes the travel entry
  • Displaying the total number of trees and total CO2 emitted when a user removes any travel record

Our Solution

Our team added the functionality of displaying the total number of trees and total CO2 emitted. Also, the admin can view, add, edit, and delete travel details irrespective of the removal of travel entries by users.


  • In the fliiTree application, the user can select their travel type from the dropdown list and enter the distance covered. Based on the details entered, the application will calculate and display the total CO2 emitted and the total number of trees needed to plant equivalent
  • Users can make payments to the admin, and based on the payment received, the admin will plant trees on behalf of users
  • Users can also add extra trees and make payments for planting more trees.
  • Users can view their history. The history screen will show the vehicles used, total distance traveled, total CO2 emitted, total trees planted and amount paid on different days. Users can also view the history between selected dates using a date filter
  • Users can edit their profiles and change their passwords
  • Users can also select English or Metric units
  • Users can also share the trees planted as a post on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Admin can view the statistics of registered users, the total amount paid and total trees planted based on week, month, year, or custom dates
  • Admin can view all the users and their details in the Web Panel. Admin can also make users’ status active or inactive
  • Admin can search users from the user’s list based on first name or last name. Admin can also filter users based on active or inactive status
  • Admin can also view and add new travel details. Travel details can also be edited and deleted
  • Admin can also view payments done by different users

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