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Mobile Application
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Rental Car is a unique mobile app that enables users to share images of the rented car in the case of an accident. It also enables the rental car owner to download incident images from the admin dashboard and share the same with insurance companies. Rental Car app is designed to keep all the records of incidents and provides users and car owners an access to the incident history.
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The client came with a requirement of making an app that enables the users to capture and upload images of rented cars if any incident occurs. The client also wanted to manage the car and users who have taken the car on rent. The app enables both the car owner and users to see the incident history and the owner can also download the incident images.

The Challenges


  • Admin can import and export the car detail with ease
  • Integration of Ionic-based application with MongoDB database
  • AngularJS as front-end and Node.js as backend with database integration

Our Solution

Our team has successfully combined the app with MongoDB database. Admin can easily see, share, and delete the history.


  • Simple registration process using contact details of the users
  • Admin can send the username and password to the users through email
  • Barcode scanning for registering the rented car
  • Comprehensive dashboard for the admin to manage the rented car
  • Users can upload the incident picture along with the date and description
  • Admin can see and delete the incident history anytime

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