Project Type
Progressive Web Application (PWA)
Industry Domain
Brewing, E-Commerce
Beer50 is a web portal that enables end users or customers to buy beers of their choice. It is an eCommerce web application for beer shopping.
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Client approached us with the requirement of a web application (PWA) for enabling customers to buy beers. The Beer50 portal also facilitates end users to order a special pack consists of six beers.

The platform has three interfaces-

  • End user web application (PWA)
  • Admin panel (Web-based)
  • Brewer Panel (Web-based)

The Challenges



  • Integration of mangopay
  • Guest user payment flow

Our Solution

We successfully integrated Mangopay, a payment gateway, into the Beer50 web application. Our expert developers also made the guest user payment flow seamless and secure.

User Features

  • Login with email
  • See list of all featured beers and special packs on the home page from there they can add to cart.
  • Users can globally search any beer pack from any page of the website
  • Users can read blogs which are maintained by Beer50 admin
  • Users have three buttons available on the portal from where users can go for special pack listing, beer listing and brewer listing
  • Brewer can be filtered based on regions and on brewer listing users can see the list of beers added by the particular brewer and also users can add that beers into cart from the same page
  • Users can filter list of beers  based on different parameters :
    • – price, taste, color, alcohol level, featured beers, organic beers, brewer and different regions
  • Mark the beer pack as your favorite
  • Pay the bill for the ordered beer pack / special packs
  • Users can checkout as a guest or as a registered user

Admin Features

  • Login with email.
    • – See list of registered users, Members, Pre Launch user, Beers, Special pack, Brewer, Subadmin, Order, Promocode, Special zone code, B50 goodies, Blogs
  • Admin has a dashboard where he can see total earnings, total sales, gross margin, and total users, total order, completed order, pending order based on different aspects like today’s report, yesterday’s, last 7 days, last 30 days report.
  • Admin can see top selling beer, recent order, and top brewer based on aspects like today’s report, yesterday’s, last 7 days, last 30 days report.
  • Admin can download brewers  and admin invoices of all orders.
  • Admin can add sub admin and activate or deactivate particular sub admin, and also perform crud on sub admin.
  • Admin can activate, deactivate particular end users.
  • Admin can add a special zone code where he can charge extra shipping cost for that particular zip code.
  • Admin can add brewer, manage brewer by performing crud on brewer listing. Admin can disable a particular brewer.
  • Admin can do settings for shipping cost of different packs, banner images, message of the day.
  • Admin can set content of all pages like about us, shipping condition, how to join, why to buy from us,  and FAQs.
  • Filter list of users based on active and deactive.
  • Admin can filter or search beer and export beer details.

Admin Features

  • Admin can see a particular brewer’s beer by selecting the brewer from the dropdown on the beer listing.
  • Admin can update, delete or disabled particular beers.
  • Admin can search brewer and can send custom notification to particular brewer
  • Admin can export the brewer list.
  • Admin can create promo code for free goodies, discount (flat, or in percentage), free shipping.

Brewer Features

  • Brewer can register himself by providing necessary details.
  • Brewer logs in with credentials
  • Brewer has a dashboard where he can see recent orders and total earnings, total bottle sales, and top selling beer based on different aspects like today’s report, yesterday’s, last 7 days, last 30 days report.
  • Brewer can see orders where he can download invoices.
  • Brewer can add, edit, delete, and disable beer.

Tech Stack


Angular 8

Node JS

Mangopay - Payment Integration

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