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Mobile App Platform
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Appbakery is a platform for healthcare researchers or investigators to create apps based on Research Kit. The platform does not require upfront cost and programming. It has three interfaces- iOS mobile application, Android mobile application, WebUI. It is powered by AI Engine and is HIPAA-compliant.
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The objective behind this Appbakery is to enable users to make their healthcare research-based app. The client wanted to facilitate researchers to add details of their app including consent, surveys, schedule visits, UI-related details, and the like. On clicking the ‘Bake’ button, they get Android API and iOS TestFlight for their apps through the Appbakery platform.

The Challenges


  • End-to-end automated process
  • Mapping Researcher’s input with ResearchKit
  • Android version of ResearchKit
  • Taking approval from Apple in the healthcare domain

Our Solution

Appbakery team has made an Android version of ReserachKit named as ResearchDroid. We have made the entire process of app building automated and assisted the client to take Apple’s approval. We also made the app compliant with HIPAA and other prevalent healthcare regulations.


User Features

  • Login with email or as an anonymous user
  • View and verify consent with signature
  • Fill surveys, perform active tasks, search clinical trials
  • View insights in the form of a graph & leaderboard
  • View reference and links, scheduled visits with researcher
  • Messaging with researcher/investigator
  • View scheduled visits with researcher/investigator
  • Open visit location in navigation apps
  • Connect wearables and device sensors like GPS
  • Track user data such as steps, total sleep
  • View signed consent and HealthKit integration
  • Discontinue use of the app

WebUI Features

  • Signup/Login to the system
  • Create study(ResearchKit based study app), trial companion, tracker app
  • Create trial companion app (Visits schedule feature)
  • Create tracker app (Users are anonymous)
  • Add pre-screening questions/data, consent, and arms details
  • Add survey questions/data, active tasks, etc. 
  • Schedule visits and notifications
  • Add sensors details, look-and-feel details
  • I18n settings & Graph settings
  • Bake the app and download multimedia data
  • View/Download participant consent and data
  • Enable passcode feature
  • View/Download participant survey response, sensors data, and active task data

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