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CakePHP is a web development technology based on MVC framework and written In PHP. It is very popular in the market since its release because of its built-in features, ease of development and fast processing and flexibility. CakePHP offers a number of benefits, which makes it favorable to a number of other PHP frameworks available in the market. Solution Analysts has vast experience and expertise in providing CakePHP web development services. With Solution Analysts, you can find highly dedicated CakePHP developers for all your business needs.

Solutions we provide as CakePHP Development Company:

  • Migration Services
  • Custom Development
  • CakePHP Application Development
  • Framework Integration
  • Shopping Cart Development Services
  • CakePHP eCommerce Development
  • CakePHP Online Catalogues Development
  • Consultation and Support
  • CMS Development Services

Why to choose CakePHP?

Since CakePHP came in to existence it has become a favorable choice as web application development tool. The reason behind its popularity is the great advantages that it has over other PHP frameworks like CodeIgnitor, Symphony or Zend. When it comes to the development and integration of websites, very few frameworks can match the features of CakePHP. With great features and security, it has become favorite of all. Few notable features of CakePHP:

  • Compatibility with all versions of PHP
  • Increased control, Fast Processing and cost saving
  • Open Source¬†framework and MIT license
  • Highly customizable framework
  • Follows MVC architecture
  • Improve bootstrapping process for better performance
  • Support for any database type
  • Ajax support
  • ACL Functionality and Security
  • ORM with CoC paradigm to reduce the development time
  • Flexible Data Validation Features

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