Top Reasons Why We’re Visiting GITEX Technology Week 2019

Oct 1st, 2019

Top Reasons Why We’re Visiting GITEX Technology Week 2019


The stage is set for 39th GITEX Technology Week organized between October 6 to 10 in Dubai. Globally, over a hundred thousand visitors from 140+ countries will reach the World Trade Center to witness the biggest technology show in the MENA region- GITEX 2019. Such events showcase a glimpse of megatrends of thriving technology and as one of the leading mobile application development companies in the USA, we just cannot miss this opportunity.

Yes, Solution Analysts attends GITEX Technology Week for the second year in a row. We have already introduced GITEX event above, however, it is fair to mention that such events can change the shape of the software development process and showcase the future of technology. IT companies can get valuable inputs for developing futuristic solutions by watching and discussing the trends.

Here are the key reasons why we are going to attend GITEX Technology Week.

  • Explore More

Technology changes at a rapid pace and no IT company can afford to skip them while developing feature-rich enterprise mobility solutions. For example, 5G is arriving soon to disrupt the data sharing and communication processes. GITEX Technology Week also focuses on this revolutionary telecommunication concept. We need to make mobility apps capable of utilizing 5G to enable our mobile app solutions to remain competitive for a long time.

  • Meet People

Hundreds of thousands of people will visit GITEX 2019 event. The visitors will be entrepreneurs, techies, tech enthusiasts, and even business persons. In other words, GITEX has remained a great platform to meet people and arrange one-to-one meetings with entrepreneurs to discuss how technology can bring radical changes in the way they are doing business. Let’s take an example of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Features based on this futuristic technology can analyze the corporate data and come up with automated solutions with a personalized experience for the users.

  • Technology Trends

Technology evolves rapidly and we witness advancements that are capable of changing our lifestyle forever. These days, technologies are getting interconnected with one another to influence the individual’s life as well as the corporate processes. Every IT company wants to explore more on rapidly changing technology trends. As a mobile and IoT app development company, we would like to get insights into upcoming trends like 5G, smart cities, and lifestyle tech at GITEX 2019.

  • Advanced Insights

Solution Analysts always strive to develop high-end customized IT solutions to meet some of the most complex business challenges to enable our corporate clients to stay ahead of the curve. Our developers and top management always prefer to stay updated with the latest technological advancements. Mega technology events like GITEX provide us a platform to get advanced insights into what’s happening in the technology domain and share our views on making these technologies utilized for the benefit of the client’s business.

  • Share Insights

We have delivered advanced enterprise mobility solutions across different industry verticals including retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and BFSI. We have a team of experienced mobile app developers who can handle the mobility project of any size and scale efficiently. Collectively, Solution Analysts has great domain expertise in mobility and development of customized enterprise solutions. We want to share our insights in GITEX Technology Week.

What is Solution Analysts going to showcase in GITEX Technology Week 2019?

Solution Analysts has established itself beyond a mobile app development company. Since inception, we have served over 350 corporate clients across the world with enterprise-grade IT solutions. Our customized web and mobile app solutions have successfully brought automation in the client’s business processes across different industry sectors. Here are key technologies we would like to highlight in the GITEX 2019 and discuss with techies as well as prospects.

Enterprise mobility solutions
E-Commerce web and app solutions
AR and VR-based app development
Custom Mobile App Development
IoT app development
Blockchain app development

We will also like to share our domain expertise in the fields of AI, ML, and iBeacon app development. We are eager to meet like-minded people and discuss how we can take things forward. In brief, our GITEX 2019 visit is aimed at exploring new horizons in both technology and our business.

Concluding Lines
We, at Solution Analysts, strive to meet diverse business needs through developing advanced enterprise mobility solutions. Our end-to-end IT services can assist you to stay ahead of the curve in the growing competition. Do you want to get a quote for your upcoming project requirements or schedule a meeting in Dubai between October 5 to October 13? Click here or send us an email at We will get back to you shortly.

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