Top 5 Reasons to Pick AngularJS for Hybrid Mobile App Development Project

May 13th, 2016

Top 5 Reasons to Pick AngularJS for Hybrid Mobile App Development Project

AngularJS simplifies the MVC framework with the flexibility rendered by JavaScript language as a foundation and the integrated tool set. Every tool is interconnected with other tools making it easy to integrate various features of the app.

AngularJS is a relatively new platform, its long-term benefits have far-reaching implications in developing secure mobile applications that seamlessly integrate across platforms with minimum coding.

With the flexibility of Java language and the capability to extend HTML vocabulary for individual applications, mobile app developers can create apps that are expressive, readable and quick to develop. Here are top 5 reasons to pick AngularJS for your next cross-platform mobile app development project.

The MVC Framework

The MVC framework on AngularJS is implemented by asking the developer to only split the app into MVC components, it performs the remaining actions. The platform manages the components and auto-connects them.

The Directives

In Angular, Directives brings the functionality of HTML and bring in rich elements without simulating DOM. Developer can put all DOM manipulation code into directives and separate them from the MVC components.

POJO Data Models

As a Plain Old JavaScript Object (POJO), data models in Angular do not require additional getter and setter functions. Developers can add and change properties directly and loop over objects and arrays whenever they need to.

The data models on Angular are designed as plain objects to behave like a temporary storage area for storing a retrieving data. In Angular, these data models are called scopes and properties found on scope objects are automatically bound to view by Angular, which in turn allows it to change properties and update views automatically. The scope relies on the controller to feed data as per business logic requirements.

Less Codes More Results

The various aspects of AngularJS are designed to guarantee less coding for the developer, especially for the MVC framework. The views on Angular are defined using the concise format of HTML and are easier to write without getters/setters.

Filters allow the developer to manipulate data on view level without changing controllers and directives can be written by a separate team with easy integration option.

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Unit Testing

All aspects of Angular are linked together with a Dependency Injection (DI) using controllers and scopes. As all controllers depend on DI for information transaction, Angular unit tests usurp DI to perform unit testing by injecting mock data into the controller and measuring output and behaviour.

With an inbuilt mock HTTP provider to inject fake responses to controllers, Angular provides a better testing platform.

These are just five basic points that make Angular the ideal app development platform for cross-platform development. Angular is not the ideal platform for writing gaming apps or apps that requiring heavy mathematical computation, but it is nevertheless the best platform for cross-platform app development economically and without quality compromise.



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