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Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Trends & Capabilities To Watch from 2015 Onwards

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It’s June and we have already crossed half of 2015. Enterprise mobility is a trending topic and banner year for every enterprise app development company across the world. Enterprise mobility is changing the way business operates. It comprises mobile, social, cloud, security, analytics among other services. All enterprise giants step ahead to transform mobile need into innovative digital business.

In this blog post, we have put together some of the most exciting enterprise mobility trends and capabilities to look forward to in this year. This will give you an idea of how important enterprise apps for businesses are.

1. Bring your own device- (BYOD): Long ago, Technology Research Gartner  summarized the concept of BYOD “Employees are bringing their own devices, downloading their own applications and creating their own IT”. BYOD and the adoption of IT have changed all the rules of enterprise management and operations. As a result, business IT developers are being asked to develop enterprise mobile solutions and strategy to improve workflows, seamless connectivity, increase productivity and differentiate themselves from market competitors.

2. Big investment on Enterprise Mobile Cloud: Business are moving away from legacy technology towards the mobile cloud, this will drive some of the biggest enterprise IT expenditure ever witnessed. Enterprise mobility is a part of Internet of Things. According Cloudtweaks infographic, IoT will be top technology investment. Corporate giants need to get serious about spending big in enterprise mobility to stay in line with top competitors

3. Mobile Backend as Service Capabilities: Recent trends reflect mobile backend as services as a standalone category in enterprise mobility. It offers richer connectivity to the enterprise. Enterprise app developers need to do more than just application development. For developers here is the guide to develop next generation enterprise applications. It is essential to develop and leverage multichannel mobile backend process that encompasses app management, device and content management, app distribution and other security services.

4. Integrating context in apps: While defining the enterprise mobile strategy, one will need to understand the user’s context like what they want, when they want and how they want the context. By factoring together all of this data, enterprise app developers can create compelling and contextually aware app experiences for users. We, as an enterprise development company, think carefully about context, consider user behavior, their location, time of day and provide mobility solutions accordingly.

5. Adoption of IoT and Wearable’s in Enterprise Mobility: As the adoption of IoT and wearable technology took place in Enterprise mobility, the consumer space is also increased accordingly. Frost and Sullivan reported enterprises will embrace wearables at a much faster rate in next couple of years. To take advantage of IoT in mobility, enterprises need to understand the importance of making standalone mobile system strategy and deployment method that connect and remotely monitor real time data processing.

Whether you are an early startup or a successful corporate giant, you will need enterprise mobility solutions. Solution Analysts can help you to stay ahead of your market competitors by providing latest enterprise solutions. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy