How to Make a Winning DevOps Business Strategy for Your Enterprise

May 16th, 2022

How to Make a Winning DevOps Business Strategy for Your Enterprise

DevOps holds a system-level view of the performance of your business operations. On one hand, this concept combines both the development and operations departments and on the other hand, it brings automation to core processes. Simply put, the implementation of DevOps best practices and solutions can help companies save time, money, and effort. It is about identifying ways to enhance transparency and improve collaboration. 

But, even if DevOps has many benefits to offer, your company has to make the necessary changes for adopting this approach effectively. An effective business strategy can make it possible for your organization. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips for making a successful DevOps strategy for your company. Let’s start discussing these tips from scratch. 

How to Make a Winning Business Strategy for DevOps

Innovation and disruption are new mantras for ensuring the growth of enterprises. Evolving technology has brought disruptions in almost all core sectors including retail, transportation & logistics, manufacturing, and hospitality. All you need to promote innovation at the workplace to change the culture and adopt the DevOps concept. 

Another important point is these days, the core principles of DevOps are not limited to manufacturing or other specific industry sectors. For example, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing principles can be applied effectively in almost all business operations. But then, if you fail to take care of the operations part while optimizing the development process, you cannot deliver value to your customers. Here, you need to improve quality and cycle time. 

Five Key Aspects to Consider for Successful DevOps Implementation

Here, an effective DevOps strategy comes into the picture. On one hand, it influences the speed of development, and on the other hand, it brings agility to the processes to make the entire process quick and responsive. Here is what you should keep in mind for making a strong DevOps roadmap for your organization. 

Initiate Cultural Shift

DevOps implementation demands a cultural shift in the company from top to bottom. Usually, the company’s CIO initiates the process from scratch. It is of utmost importance for your staff to remain prepared for this change in the company’s culture. Without resolving the issues related to the company’s cultural change and organizational learning, DevOps initiatives can fail to meet your expectations. Therefore,  agile and innovative approaches should be properly adopted in a culture of collaboration and experimentation. 

Set Processes as per Policies

The Policy remains an integral part of any technology-related and other enterprises. These days, the focus remains on employee safety and healthy practices at the workplace, and every company that wants to adopt DevOps should set processes accordingly. While thinking of your company’s objectives, you need to set DevOps approach in a way that it can assist you to achieve these goals. The DevOps model supports policy-driven development and ensures that you can align security and other standards with common goals. 

Leverage Containerization

The DevOps concept is designed to deploy applications across different environments quickly and effectively. Docker, with its most popular container toolset, makes it easy for developers to perform various IT operations with better collaboration. It can increase overall productivity. Containers typically start in seconds and do not require any environment-specific configurations. They can make applications that can run anywhere, anytime, and on any machine. 

Opt for Microservice Architecture

The idea of microservices can enable companies to remain agile and innovative even if the product range or the production platform gets bigger. Engineering teams can easily emphasize developing business capabilities and other important features with the help of this approach. New business functionality is easy to introduce as companies add new services. Microservices are important for scaling and managing core and complicated processes. 

Monitor and Share Feedback 

One of the most important aspects to cover is collecting feedback and implementing changes accordingly. You can find issues with continuous monitoring and feedback from selected users. As a result, you can resolve the issues even before any end-user can find them. Simply put, monitoring and implementing changes can enhance quality and improve customer satisfaction over the period. 

The DevOps market size is expected to reach USD 10.31 billion by 2023 with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of over 24 percent. It is simply because high-end DevOps solutions offer many benefits to modern enterprises. All you need to implement it rightly in the organization. 

Concluding Lines

Enterprises need to build a strong and effective strategy to accelerate software delivery and promote an innovative approach. In today’s competitive business scenario, DevOps can have a positive impact on your bottom line, but it is necessary to make a powerful strategy. You can bring transformation in core operations simply by implementing a successful DevOps strategy. Hope these tips and aspects will help you come up with such a strategy. 

At Solution Analysts, we offer advanced DevOps solutions to our global corporate clientele. Our in-house team of experienced DevOps professionals can assist you to make a winning strategy and implement it properly to leverage the benefits of DevOps. If you want to evaluate where to start DevOps implementation, we are ready to help you with customized solutions and services.

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