How DevOps Assists Companies to Get the Benefits of Industry 4.0

Feb 15th, 2022

How DevOps Assists Companies to Get the Benefits of Industry 4.0

The core objective of DevOps is to help companies build software products and services quickly without compromising on quality or increasing cost. As integration of Development and Operations, DevOps focuses on all the aspects of software development including development, integration, delivery, testing, release, and continuous monitoring while automating several tasks. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 aims at digitizing all the processes and services of various industries to make them safer, faster, and more efficient. We can relate Industry 4.0 with DevOps practices. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance and relevance of DevOps for Industry 4.0. But, before moving forward, let’s have a glimpse of standard DevOps practices. 

DevOps Practices and Standards

DevOps promotes active collaboration between multiple members of the team while running a product delivery cycle. Here are the key DevOps practices that define its culture and set standards. 

Continuous Integration (CI)

This development practice is about integrating code modification. Developers integrate modifications into the main code branch using this practice. CI involves automatic testing that runs any time when fresh code is committed for ensuring the code’s security in the main branch.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Jez Humble has introduced this practice to construct, review, and schedule code updates for release to customers. After CI, continuous delivery extends by deploying all the improvements in code to a testing and production environment. CD is a popular practice to bring automation. 

Version Control Systems

It is known as the method of handling codes in different versions. This standard approach of DevOps enables various teams of software developers to work together and break coding tasks among team members. It also makes it possible to save all code for fast recovery during changes in versions. 

Microservices Architecture

It is another popular DevOps practice, which is useful for building a single program as a series of small services. As a design method, the microservices architecture enables developers to ensure that every service functions in its process and communicates with other services. Here, a lightweight framework or suitable programming language remains handy for developers. 

Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)

This approach is related to infrastructure management and makes both CI and CD possible in the DevOps environment. Infrastructure as a Code includes using scripts to set the implementation environment including networks and virtual machines to the appropriate configuration. This approach has nothing to do with the initial state of networks and it brings automation in configuration setup. 

Monitoring & Logging

Businesses track metrics and logs to see how the performance of applications and system affects the end-user’s experience. Companies can easily understand the way the code changes or new updates impact customers by capturing and analyzing data and logs. Monitoring and logging can benefit companies in this way. 

After going through the standard practices of DevOps, we will see the importance of DevOps in Industry 4.0. 

Role of DevOps in Industry 4.0

Be it a manufacturing or chemical industry, every sector needs automation to ensure faster and smarter workflow. As technologies advance at a rapid pace, DevOps has become a fundamental aspect of Industry 4.0. It has a vital role to play in all core activities ranging from creating a new product to analyzing the supply chain efficiency. DevOps services bring automation and efficiency in every process and drive modern businesses. 

Initially, DevOps remained limited to IT companies that provided application development and Cloud services. These companies could come up with improved, rapid, and efficient software development processes because of DevOps. But in the last few years, this methodology has become a priority for entrepreneurs who want to empower their machines with advanced control dashboards and automate core processes. 

The product development teams of every industry can incorporate DevOps methodologies to match the pace of market requirements and expectations. Here are the top benefits of DevOps solutions for companies. 

Major Benefits of DevOps for Companies 

When it comes to agility and automation, DevOps can always lend a helping hand to companies. 

Higher Agility

Software development companies can shift and update the solution quickly with DevOps. Be it automatic code testing, continuous integration, or delivery, DevOps has many benefits to offer. Companies can get new products with precision and in no time. 

Improved Efficiency

DevOps brings great efficiency, improved responses, and reduced implementation time. The organization’s admins can easily focus on core IT functions while leaving development teams to work on servers. As a result, companies can complete their tasks quickly and improve deployment times. 

Reduced TTM

Manufacturing and other industry sectors strive for bringing products and services to market before the customer leaves. DevOps makes it possible to beat out the competition and offer advanced solutions with higher accuracy and quality at a reduced TTM (Time to Market). 

More Innovation

DevOps can open the doors of innovation for industry sectors. Companies can focus on production speed while maintaining quality. What’s more, DevOps contributes to troubleshooting problems at all stages of the project and significantly reduces downtime. 

Automated Operations

Automation of the processes involving continuous integration, continuous deployment, continuous testing, and live monitoring of application results. Companies can gain the ability to scale solutions while reducing complexity and costs through process automation.DevOps integration can manage IoT software effectively while considering all the operational aspects and ensuring maximum efficiency. 

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, DevOps can make the IT base of any organization more adaptable, dynamic, and agile. While bringing people, processes, and technology together, DevOps can enable companies to leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0 advancements. 

At Solution Analysts, we offer end-to-end DevOps solutions to meet the most complex business needs of modern enterprises. We assist our global corporate clientele to make the most of Industry 4.0 and other advanced technologies. 

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