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Run Javascript Function as Admin Privileges

alfresco, javascript

  • In Alfresco, create group, user, add user to group, set permission are allowed only to Admin group users.
  • Many times we get a requirement where we need to create group and users dynamically on some action.
  • Now javascript API are available to create group but works only for Admin group users.
  • I had a requirement to create groups dynamically when rule is executed. But rule was executed action taken by non-admin user.
  • So I created custom javascript API to run entire javascript function as Admin privileges.
  • For this you have to create one Java class which extends BaseScopableProcessorExtension. BaseScopableProcessorExtension class is extended whenever you want to create custom javascript API.
  • Register your javascript API in *-context.xml
  • Then use your API in your javascript.

public class RunAsAdminUtil extends BaseScopableProcessorExtension {
* This method runs javascript function with Admin privileges
* @param func
public void runAsAdmin(final Function func) {
final Context cx = Context.getCurrentContext(); final Scriptable scope = getScope();
RunAsWork raw = new RunAsWork() {
public Object doWork() throws Exception {, scope, scope, new Object[] {}); return null;
Below is the *-contex.xml entry,


Below is the code of javascript where you would be using custom created javascript api to run function with admin privileges

function main() { if (!people.isAdmin(person)) { //if current logged in user is not admin run function with admin privileges runAsAdminUtil.runAsAdmin(createGroupsDynamically); }else{ createFolderStructureFromTemplate(); } } var createGroupsDynamically = function createGroupsDynamically() { var name =; var TEST_READ = name + '_read'; var TEST_WRITE = name + '_write'; people.createGroup(TEST_READ); people.createGroup(TEST_WRITE); } main();

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