Microservice Architecture with Example

Jan 4th, 2023

Microservice Architecture with Example

To understand “What are microservices?”, you need to know how a monolithic application is broken down into independently packaged and deployed micro applications. You will have a better understanding of how developers use this technology to scale their applications to meet their needs after reading this blog.

So here we are going to learn about the following points:

  • Why use Microservices?
  • What exactly are Microservices?
  • Features Of Microservice Architecture
  • What are the Benefits Of Microservice Architecture
  • What are the Best Practices for Designing Microservices
  • Microservice example: eShop – eCare Website

Why use Microservices?

Microservices enable you to deploy your services independently and it is used to overcome the obstacles of monolithic architecture, which initially dominated the market.

Before we get into the specifics of what Microservices are, let’s take a look at Monolithic Architecture, which was the first architecture in the market.

In Monolithic Architecture, a large container in which all of an application’s software components are tightly packed together is analogous to Monolithic Architecture.

Here are some drawbacks of Monolithic Architecture

  1. The codebase is too big for one developer to understand completely
  2. Agile frameworks frequently require multiple pushes to production each day, so redeploying the entire monolith takes too long.
  3. When switching to new frameworks and programming languages, monolithic applications add complexity.
  4. If the codebase is hard to understand, changes will often be bad.
  5. Larger applications mean longer deployment times.
    Monolithic Architecture

[PC: Monolithic Architecture]

What exactly are Microservices?

An architectural style known as microservices organizes an application as a collection of independent, small services based on a business domain.

In the below picture, each Microservices component’s help is independent and executes a binary module to be utilized freely.

Here you will have some functions and a user interface. However, with microservices, these functions—actually, functional components of an application—are all distinct. They communicate with each other, the service instances, and the user interface.

Microservices designs

[PC: Microservices designs]

Features Of Microservice Architecture

  1. Decoupling: A system’s services are largely decoupled from one another.
  2. Componentization: Microservices are treated as independent components that can be easily replaced and upgraded 
  3. Business Capabilities: Microservices are very simple and focus on a single capability 
  4. Autonomy: Developers and teams can work independently, thereby increasing speed continuously 
  5. Delivery: Allows frequent software releases through systematic automation of software creation, testing, and approval 
  6. Responsibility: Microservices do not focus on applications as projects.
  7. Decentralized Governance: It focuses on using the right tool for the right job, rather than treating applications as products under their control. This indicates that neither a technology nor a standardized pattern exists. 
  8. Agility: Any new feature can be quickly developed and discarded once more; developers are free to select the most useful tools to solve their problems.

    Feature of Microservice Architecture

[PC: Features of Microservice Architecture]

What are the Benefits Of Microservice Architecture

  1. Allow teams to work independently on individual parts of your application without the need for constant collaboration. 
  2. Microservices can be deployed, maintained, updated, and scaled independently of each other in a continuous fashion. 
  3. Simplify your application by defining well-defined boundaries for each piece of functionality. 
  4. Fault isolation means that the system continues to function even if one service of the application does not work. 
  5. Mixed technology stack means that different languages and technologies can be used to build different services of the same application.
  6. It is very effective in terms of migrations and upgrading any features
  7. It can be scalable with very less effort.
  8. It will help to improve your business very fast and efficiently.
  9. Through that, we can able to optimise the resource in terms of manpower and hardware resources.Features of Microservice Architecture

[PC: Benefits of Microservice]

What are the Best Practices for Designing Microservices

Now that we have gone through all the knowledge of Microservice architecture and its benefits, uses and features, we are now capable of creating the Microservice architecture. To create Microservice architecture we need to keep some fundamentals in mind. There are some best practices that we should follow while creating Microservice architecture.

Few points to keep in mind:

  • Each service to the environment and any external applications that make use of its APIs should have its own set of access controls.
  • Make every effort to keep all of the servers stateless so that each server can be treated and function independently.
  • Each server must maintain its own database.
  • Create a standalone build of each microservice for seamless deployment.
  • You should deploy microservices in a container.
    Microservice Architecture best practices

[Microservice Architecture best practices]

Microservice Example: eShop/ eCart Website

In this example, we will see how online shopping and cart applications will work using Microservice architecture.

You only see a website when you open an eShop/ eCart website. However, the shopping cart website has a service that accepts many things in the background such as payments and provides customer service.

Now assume that this website was developed with a single framework. Take a look at the picture below:

As you can see in the above image, eShop, the eCart application’s monolithic framework consists of a single code base structure with a single underlying database for all features.

Now, let’s suppose that a new feature is going to be added to the website, and the coders/ teams want to include all of the information about the new feature on this website.

So, to add this new feature they would have to rework the service to accommodate the new feature, and they would have to restructure the whole system and deploy it accordingly.

Hence to overcome this restructuring all the teams need to decide to switch from a monolithic architecture to a more recent and popular architecture in order to avoid such difficulties and that is the Microservice Architecture.

Below is the simple and easy architecture of the eShop/ eCart website.

Microservice Architecture[Microservice Architecture]


Microservices architecture is unquestionably a tried-and-true method for developing applications that are resistant to change. As we discussed the primary advantages and disadvantages of microservices architecture, we also demonstrated that many of the issues and difficulties associated with this strategy can be managed and resolved with the assistance of competent technology teams and technology partnerships.

So let’s come to the conclusion that not only does this application’s architecture make it easier for developers to overcome all of the issues they encountered with the monolithic architecture, but it also makes it easier to build, deploy, and scale the eShop/ eCare website. Gain more technical knowledge by reading our latest blogs.

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