Everyone wants to become successful quickly. But, Success comes with price. In search of ways,  to push my self towards growth, on internet. I find lots of articles and videos suggesting to read stories of successful people. I read those one and many of those gets helpful to me.

Though many times I have question that how can one learn any successful person’s throughout life learning bad and good experiences which have played magnificent role to architect his/her success.

For me, there is difference between trying to copy any person’s success or trying to observe any person’s success. One can not develop crystal solid empire or achieve success until he/she has strong values.

Values, which determines your speed of progress, which determines your attitude towards life and success, which determines how you want to grab success – fast but short term or slow but long lasting.

One can observe any successful person by, how many skills he/she possess that make him/her different than others, and not by counting his/her material possession like number of properties; no of bank accounts; etc…

To sum up, Personally I believe that, every individual has his/her own path to travel. None can make carbon copy of achievement of any person. Even Sachin Tendulkar’s son may not earn title ‘Legend of cricket’ as like Sachin Tendulkar.

Yes but ofcourse he can learn as much as possible values from Sachin and that may push him far better place than Sachin him self.

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