This tutorial describes the process for How to configure/Install your Godaddy SSL certificate with NGINX server on AWS EC2 Instance.

  • Login to your server.
  • Go to below directory :
>$ cd /usr/share/ssl/certs/ 
If directory is not present you can create new one.
  • Copy below command and replace your-certificate-name.csr and your-certificate-name.key and
>$ openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -out your-certificate-name.csr -keyout your-certificate-name.key -subj "/C=IT/ST=Lombardia/L=Como/O=Batoc67 srl/"
  • Run below command and copy the whole content given by it. Replace your-certificate-name.csr
>$ cat your-certificate-name.csr
  • Paste the content of csr into godady ssl manager in Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
  • After some time it will allow you to download the certificate. Select Other from Dropdown and download.
  • Now extract .zip file and put both the file on server at this path
  • Run below command
>$ cat your-ssl.crt your-ssl-bundle.crt > your-domain.chained.crt
  • Add below in your server blog of NGINX for SSL.
ssl_certificate "/usr/share/ssl/certs/";
ssl_certificate_key "/usr/share/ssl/certs/";
  • Save your file.
  • Restart nginx service.
>$ sudo service nginx restart
  • Make sure port 443 is open for all under security group in EC2 consle.
  • Check your configuration with below link.

By Nitish Thakrar

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