The rise of cloud computing, social networking and mobile usages is considerably changing the way people work; this has major implications for the management of enterprise content.

People want to share information easily with collaborators, and they want to access their content anytime, anywhere, and using any device.

While delivering content to range of devices, organizations need to ensure users for the security of their content.

Some questions has been posted to Melissa Webster, vice president of IDC’s Content and Digital Media Technologies research by Alfresco and here is what Melisa feel about Hybrid ECM for the coming years.

In order to be more productive people are demanding to use mobile devices to get their work done.  As per IDC research more than 65% information workers are expecting to use tablets or smart phones for work purposes.

They want each feature to be available to the mobile app which they do with their laptop computers, including viewing and editing of the document, sharing of the document, assigning tasks to the users etc. Major challenge for users to work offline with the content while they are not connected to network, smart phones and tablets are the key and convenient platforms for users to work with enterprise content in offline mode.

Cloud solutions are evolving at a very high rapid race. Prefer a vendor that fosters strong environment for enterprise solutions and as user you should be benefited from all the innovations. There is variety of vendors which provide services that includes collaboration with users, rights management, smart phone device management this leverage their customers use of the innovation era.

According to IDC hybrid ECM is the right model for Enterprise solutions. It’s the solution for mixed deployment environments. ECM is tightly coupled to the applications that consume enterprise content. It’s difficult to move ECM to the cloud when those applications continue to run behind the firewall.

A hybrid ECM solution lets customers move the content that can be moved to the cloud. Hybrid ECM is the right solution for cloud based applications such that mobile users can enhance collaboration without disturbing existing production applications.

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