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Five Fundamental Mistakes to avoid while developing Restaurant App

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It’s an undeniable fact that a mobile app with a user-friendly interface and necessary features can assist you skyrocketing sales through boosting your restaurant business. But then, if you fail to come up with an app that can attract, engage, and retain the users, chances are high that you fall behind competitors.

Here we point out five basic mobile app development mistakes that prevent your restaurant mobile app to become popular: 

  • Wrong Platform

So, you have a restaurant chain across the US. Now think, can you ignore an iOS platform? Though you have an app for Android, it is impossible to address the targeted audience efficiently and wholly if it is based in the US. Similarly, if you have a business in Asian countries, an iOS app alone cannot give the desired result. In other words, when you opt for a mobile app, just keep your target audience in mind. It is better to come up with a cross-platform app to appeal a huge audience irrespective of platforms and devices.

  • Irrelevant Features and Information

Which are the features you want to include in your app? Well, it depends on the user’s requirements regarding your business and overall hospitality sector. For example, you cannot give a ‘to-do’ feature in your app. Such irrelevant and unnecessary features can move the users away from your app. You need to give useful features that can engage your customers. You can give city weather info or cab booking feature as an additional feature. A few restaurant apps like 17Hi gives a brief intro on the specific culture to engage the users.

  • Annoying Ads

Ads are awesome, especially when you have a free app. But imagine how annoying are those full- screen ads for your customers? Such ads have a negative impact on both the usability and performance of your app negatively. Even if ads are small but spread over every nook and cranny of your app, they are responsible for negative user experience. If you need to put ads, make it sure that they appear in line with the app design and layout. Also, keep focus on the user experience while testing your app for ads.

  • Performance Issues

If your app is slow to load or drains the battery rapidly, you have sealed your app’s fate! Remember, even if your app has an elegant interface and user-friendly features, performance glitches always take their toll. Issues related to performance can also spoil the reputation of your business. Your existing customers can search other options available that result in decreasing loyal customer base.

  • Unfriendly UI

Your app should not only aesthetically appealing but also provide a pleasant user experience. You need to work in collaboration with the mobile app developers in designing interface. Because unfriendly user interface reduces the engagement level significantly. Instead, you should work on the simple and easy-to-understand layout.

Apart from these five mistakes, you should not pester your customers to give a rating or update your app, and forcing them to give personal details. It is always better to step into your users’ shoes while developing a restaurant mobile application. 

The Wrap

Your app is an online replica of your restaurant business. You can either make or break the reputation through a customized mobile app. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you avoid these basic mistakes while coming up with a new mobile app for your customers. The key to success for your restaurant mobile app is to put yourself in the users’ shoes.

Solution Analysts has made several user-friendly restaurant apps for the global clients. Just contact us to get a feature-rich and seamlessly performing mobile app for your restaurant business. And, see the difference!

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy