Your Guide to Build a Successful On-demand Grocery Delivery App During COVID-19

Jun 17th, 2020

Your Guide to Build a Successful On-demand Grocery Delivery App During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled people to buy groceries and food online. This global trend will make a lasting impact on the brick-and-mortar grocery business. Many grocery retailers have started bringing on-demand grocery apps to expand their reach and increase sales. Still, the world battles hard against the coronavirus, which will keep on giving a boost to on-demand app development

However, if you think that bringing a food and grocery delivery app in the market can boost your business with ease, then think twice because the competition is getting tougher every day! Here in this blog, we are going to give you some useful tips and necessary information to make your grocery delivery app popular. This post can help you meet your business objectives through an on-demand grocery app if you are

• A startup owner
• An entrepreneur who wants to establish an online grocery business
• A retailer
• A business person who wants to grow business in the domain of online food and grocery delivery

Let’s start with some interesting facts that show how people have embraced on-demand grocery and food delivery apps and made them a part of their life in this corona age.

• In the US, during this February-March, three top grocery delivery apps Instacart, Walmart, and Shipt have shown significant growth in the number of downloads at 218%, 160%, and 124% respectively
• As per the study, the home grocery delivery market is expected to reach $117 billion in the year 2023
• Another survey has revealed that 40% of respondents want to spend more on groceries during COVID-19

grocery delivery app Instacart, Walmart, and Shipt

Though the concept of online grocery delivery has been around for many years, people prefer this method because of social distancing and ease of shopping without leaving their homes. If you own a startup or want to build a grocery delivery app, then some of the findings of a survey based on the data from the InMobi Exchange are useful for you.

These findings are about the post-COVID audience. Your on-demand grocery and food delivery app’s main audience is more likely to be female, and most of the app installers are likely to be 35+ years of age. Apart from diversity, you need to take care of changing market trends and the app user’s expectations while developing a grocery delivery app.

Here are seven top tips to make your on-demand grocery app successful during COVID-19 pandemic

Make a list

When you decide to build a grocery app, the first step should be- making a master list of grocery items. The on-demand grocery app development domain has a huge scope and it is necessary for you to define how many delivery slots you can manage on a daily or weekly basis. After defining the frequency of delivery, you can make a master list of items either by making an inventory spreadsheet or by writing everything in the doc file.

Your list should be categorized in perishable, non-perishable, and refrigerated items. If you want to develop a food delivery app, you need to implement the FIFO (First In, First Out) principle to minimize wastage of perishable and refrigerated foods.

Research at the local level

Many on-demand grocery delivery apps are available these days, and if you want to stand ahead of the curve, you should start from a small, local level. You can gradually increase the area geographically. Also, you should research at the local level whether anyone provides the same services. As the demand for grocery delivery apps increases, many new players considering to enter this domain.

Local research can help you come up with the best-in-class app at least at the local level. You can promote your grocery and food delivery app as a solution to various problems that other apps do not resolve. In this age, people need an app that can serve all their objectives while offering them various delivery options like ‘No Touch’, ‘Curbside’, and the like. Your research can help you identify such areas.

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Tie up with local vendors

Many restaurant owners, grocers, and delivery persons are in search of a robust platform to serve people during COVID-19 age. You can tie up with them at the local level and offer them a robust platform in the form of a feature-rich grocery and food delivery app. You can support local grocers in delivering their products more effectively, and your app users can get more options. Such a tie-up can also help you meet the increasing demand for particular products in this testing time.

Restaurants, caterers, and logistic services providers can assist you to handle business operations well. However, you need to remain patient. You can check various products sold by different retailers and form an alliance.

Give the option of curbside delivery

Curbside pickup and delivery is a wonderful option you can offer in the grocery and food delivery app. It enables the app users to pick their groceries on the way home or pick up their food while reaching the office.

During this troubled time, people have started to gather a stock of vegetables, fruits, snacks, dairy products, and groceries. You need to give enough flexibility to your customers in such a challenging scenario. Many online stores offer the option of curbside delivery and enable their customers to get the delivery whenever they want.

You can also keep a specific time slot for senior citizens with a special discount or bring time-bound special offers in your grocery delivery app.


Tie-up with farmers

These days, people want as fresh food as possible to stay away from any potential risks associated with stale food. You can approach the farmers for selling fresh groceries and organic items directly from the farm. You can also provide extra fresh food in the boxes of particular sizes to enhance the customer’s confidence in your products. It is always beneficial for your grocery delivery business to provide fresh items to your customers.

Ensure timely delivery

The on-demand grocery app delivery services enable you to simplify business processes while increasing the overall efficiency. However, you need to make a robust delivery network to ensure timely delivery because once you fail to deliver products on-time to your customers, your seamlessly-performing grocery delivery app can also not help your business. Timely delivery is the key to success for your on-demand grocery delivery business.

Seamless experience

Whether you want to come up with an on-demand food delivery app, grocery delivery app, or both in the single app, you need to ensure that your customers can get a seamless shopping experience every time. Such an experience can motivate them to use your app frequently and you can gradually get a loyal customer base. Though the grocery delivery app development company can help you bring such an app, it is better to make a roadmap and define a proper strategy before initiating this business.

Convenience and security are two major reasons for the growing popularity of on-demand delivery apps. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people prefer on-demand grocery delivery apps for quick delivery at their doorstep without staying in the long queues.

Concluding Lines

Whether you want to develop a grocery app for Androidor iOS, these tips will be helpful to you to make your app successful. Do you want to add something to this guide? Feel free to share your thoughts in the ‘Comments’ section. Let’s make on-demand apps a powerful tool to curb the spread of coronavirus.

As a reputed on-demand grocery app development company, we help startups to come up with a seamlessly-performing app solution at the competitive rates.

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