App Developers Near Me : List of Top 10 Mobile App Developers

Dec 20th, 2023

App Developers Near Me : List of Top 10 Mobile App Developers

Mobile phones are the doorway to a world full of knowledge and services. Applications are the portal that takes us to the world of the new age Internet.  According to Statista, the revenue in the App market has reached $467.10 billion in the year 2023.  If you are struggling with the question, of finding an app developers near me, this blog will help you solve the query.

From small businesses to multi-billion business conglomerates, everyone requires a way to communicate with their users and clients. Mobile phones have taken the world by storm, today the United States is the world’s no.1 smartphone market. With over 310 million smartphones in use today, over 92% of the population of the United States uses smartphones.

When considering building an application, there are multiple things that should be kept in mind. Sometimes many developers with the basic knowledge of coding have an illusion that their application idea is revolutionary and has a huge potential. It might be true, but a lack of proper execution and development may ruin the thought process and potential of the application. 

No idea is big or small, the way it is executed plays the magic. The foremost frontiers of mobile applications such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Cash App. The offerings of all these applications are very simple, the features have been built over time with integrations and continuous iterations. 

At the beginning of an app development process, one thing that should be kept in mind is that there is always room for improvement. Features can be implemented, iterated, and changed with updates. Gaining users and catering your services to them should always be in primary focus.

There are 3 ways to create a mobile application

  1. Hiring a Team of Developers
  2. Outsourcing Development to an Agency
  3. Hiring Freelancer
  • Hiring a Team of Developers

The most common path that is taken by organisations is hiring a developing team. Brands that can spend heavily opt for this path. The team has to include a front-end Developer, back-end Developer, UI/UX Designer, and QA Specialist. The process of hiring should be thorough to make sure the right set of questions are asked during the interview, the knowledge is tested well and the right environment is provided so that the candidate can work efficiently.

Advantages of hiring a team of developers

  • Easy to communicate with the team
  • More time can be spent on understanding the product

Disadvantages of hiring a team of developers

  • Expensive hiring process
  • Fixed costs such as office rent, computers, taxes, etc. need to be added.
  • Wrong hiring can set back the development timeline.


  • Outsourcing Development to an Agency

Outsourcing the application to a development agency is a great option for a small and a large organisation. The best thing about hiring an agency is that one can get all the experts in one place at an affordable cost. The team size can also be expanded or reduced based on the requirement.

Advantages of outsourcing development to an agency

  • Get access to the large talent pool
  • No need to hire individuals
  • Cheaper compared to traditional option
  • Timely delivery

Disadvantages of outsourcing development to an agency

  • Communication gap
  • Can be expensive depending on the company
  • Time zone difference (If hired an agency in another company)


  • Hiring Freelancer

The last path is to hire a freelancer, this option is suitable when the development of an application needs to be done very fast. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr offer a platform that helps to hire talent on a project basis. The contract helps to track the progress and release payment once the final outcome is received.

Advantages of hiring a freelancer

  • Cheaper compared to other options
  • Special skills candidates can be hired for the project

Disadvantages of hiring a freelancer

  • Commitment issues
  • Deadlines might get missed
  • Communication gap

Steps to Identify a Viral App Idea

  • Define the Audience
  • Research Existing Apps
  • Find What’s Missing 
  • Talk to Users
  • Observe Your Unique Features
  • Design MVP
  • Test and Make Iterations
  • Find Product Market fit
  • Maintain the App

Types of Mobile Applications


Built for Particular OS

Suitable for Mobile Applications


Same Codebase for All Mobile OS

Suitable for MVP


Web+ Mobile Experience

For Delivering Web Experience in Mobile App

Step-by-step Guide to Find the Best Mobile App Developer Near Me

  • Understand your requirement

Understand the requirements of the project before beginning to hire candidates or an agency. It is important to understand and write down a precise plan to know the phases of development and the importance of primary structure.

  • Create a rough plan
  • Select platforms for publication
  • Decide the phases of development
  • Include experiences, structure, and specialisations of focus


  • Try finding and approaching the best agencies

The next step is to approach companies that are creating apps. This can be a cold email, cold calling, and reaching out to agencies. This step helps to connect with agencies and validate the application idea by industry professionals. Continuous discussion before the beginning of the project helps to widen the scope and include other areas that might’ve been missed during the initial planning stage.

  • Communicate with agencies
  • Share and exchange ideas
  • Widen the scope of the application


  • Check past work

Take a look into the offered services by the development company along with the expertise. Don’t just consider the words, research to find the experience level and determination for the work. 

  • Check the expertise of the company
  • Conduct an independent research


  • Check testimonials & reviews

Check the agency’s previous client work to know the level of development. This gives a first-hand experience of what type of development is done by the company. Clutch reviews can also be considered to know the credibility and trustworthiness of the company. 

  • Check clutch reviews
  • Look at the past work of the company
  • Go through the client testimonials 


  • Use communication in a documented format

Before the beginning of the project, collaboration be assured that communication is done in a well-maintained documented format. Maintaining the habit of documented communication helps to go a long way and helps to identify the companies that pay attention to professionalism.

  • Use email/written communication format
  • Keep the communication saved in such a way that can be accessed in the future

App Store Statistics 2023

Google Play Store  iOS
Total apps 35,73, 890 18,48,231
Free apps 96.9% 95.05%
Paid apps 3.1% 4.95%
Top Categories Games
New Apps per day 1600+ 1200+

With the growth of information technology, mobile app developers have become increasingly in demand. Here is the list of the top 10 app developers near me.

List of Top 10 Organisations With Best Mobile App Developers

Solution Analysts
Atomic Object
Blue Rocket

Solution Analysts:


Solution Analysts offer various approaches based on the client’s needs. The company offers packages such as Time and material with a dedicated team, the ability to hire the entire team & fixed-scope projects. With more than 1000+ completed projects, Solution Analysts tops the list.

Founded year: 2011
Clutch Rating: 5/5
Team size: 50-200
Services Provided: Mobile Application Development, IoT Solutions, Web development, Robotic Process Automation, AI & ML, DevOps, Web3


Designli is a software firm with a consultative approach. The company follows an expert team approach to creating mobile apps. The process includes The Solution lab, Graphic design & prototyping, and development.

Founded year: 2013
Clutch Rating: 5/5
Team size: 11-50
Services Provided: UI/UX Design, On-demand product teams, Mobile app development, web development

Atomic Object


Atomic Object creates web and mobile applications for desktop and mobile. The company’s offices are located in Ann Arbor, Chicago and Raleigh-Durham.

Founded year: 2001
Clutch Rating: 5/5
Team size: 50-200

Services Provided: Web Apps, Mobile Apps, IoT software, Desktop Apps, Cloud Solutions



Surf primarily works for Flutter and native mobile app creation. The company is present in 3 locations, Delaware, New York, and Washington D.C.

Founded year: 2011
Clutch Rating: 5/5
Team size: 201-500
Services Provided: Mobile App Development, Web Development, Quality Assurance & Testing



Art+Logic is a software development company based in California. The company primarily works with music-related customised software development.

Founded year: 1991
Clutch Rating: 4.8/5
Team size: 50-249
Services Provided: Mobile App Development, Desktop Development, Web/Cloud Development



Innowise is a full-cycle software development company that was founded in the year 2007. The company serves both IT and non-IT organisations. The Innowise group created inhouse healthcare startup VOKA.IO

Founded year: 2007
Clutch Rating: 4.9/5
Team size: 1500+
Services Provided: IT Consultation, Web Development, Mobile Development


Utility is an agency that deals with digital products. The enabled team of 100-plus members includes designers, engineers, and product managers.

Founded year: 2013
Clutch Rating: 4.8/5
Team size: 100+
Services Provided: Mobile App Development, QA Testing & Analytics, Backend & API Development

Blue Rocket

Blue Rocket is a full-service mobile design and development company. The company follows the Quantum Agile project management process.

Founded year: 2008
Clutch Rating: 5/5
Team size: 50-249
Services Provided: Native Mobile Development, Web Development, Server Side Development & Third Party Integrations


Fueled helps in designing and building user-centric mobile applications. The company offers a custom infrastructure to create products that provide higher outcomes.

Founded year: 2016
Clutch Rating: 5/5
Team size: 10-49
Services Provided: Branding, Web Development, Mobile Application, Web3


Slingshot follows a unique process consisting of 4 steps including empathetic focus, strategies, designer, and developer to create a personalised application that caters to the audience.

Founded year: 2005
Clutch Rating: 5/5
Team size: 150-249
Services Provided: AI, Cloud Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development.

Android vs iOS

iOS (Icon) Android (Icon)
Development Language Swift Java/Kotlin
Coding Efforts Require less coding Require comparatively more coding
Variation Standard sizes of iPads and iPhones require case-by-case interface designs  Vast variety of devices from various manufacturers are available
Difficulty Easy to Maintain Challenging to Maintain


How to find the right app developers near me?

To find the right development partner that can help at every stage of the app development journey following things should be kept in mind.

Select Mobile App Developers Near Me

The final step is to select a development partner. Once the development agency is finalised careful documentation needs to be done of the entire development process to make sure no loopholes are left unattained.

Easy to Maintain
Challenging to Maintain


The first and foremost step is to consult with a qualified IT expert. This stage helps to clear out the fundamental questions for creating an application. The proposed requirements, addressable market, and the needs of users can be observed in the initial consultation.

Strategic Planning:

Follow starategic planning  for rightful execution. The right method will help to achieve the desired outcome. The step will include technologies that will be used, the timeline of the development and the required resources for the final development. This stage serves as a blue-print of the entire application-making process.

Receive Quotes:

The third stage gives an idea of the estimated cost from different development partners. It is important to survey the market and get a rough idea of what others are charging to find the partner that fits your budget.

Select Mobile App Developers Near Me

The final step is to select a development partner. Avoid any loopholes by maintaining a careful documentation of the entire development process.


What are the Top 10 Mobile App Developers Near Me?

The top 10 mobile app developers are Solution Analysts, Designli, Atomic Object, Surf, Art+Logic, Innowise, Utility, Blue Rocket, Fueled and Slingshot.

What are the upcoming trends in mobile apps?

The upcoming trends in mobile applications are Blockchain, AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, Cloud, and Computing.

How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer near me?

The salary range of a mobile app developer differs depending on experience and expertise level. The average salary of a mobile app developer in the United States is around $1,00,000/per year.

How do I find a good mobile app developer?

To find a good mobile app developer check the developer’s StackOverflow, Github and projects developed by the developer.

How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

The price of mobile app development depends on the number of features and platform requirements. The average app development cost anywhere between $10,000 to $1,50,000.

How do I hire the best developer?

To hire the best developer first create a budget plan, begin research, and start approaching the developers to find the suitable developer.

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