8 Valuable Tips to Master Best Code Practices in Node.JS

Jan 10th, 2018

8 Valuable Tips to Master Best Code Practices in Node.JS

As one of the most popular open source platforms for developing server applications, Node.JS has a wider acceptance amongst the developer’s community largely for its lightning speed and diverse scalability have made it a preferred choice for conceiving complex developments, ever since it came into being in 2009. While an enhanced focus on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) has helped achieve superlative reach ability, here’s how the developers could upscale their product credibility following optimal code practices to begin with.

Modularize Your Code

Entangled in the habit of writing uncomfortably long pieces of code? As working way out, organize your code into smaller pieces that improve readability for your and anyone else’s later reference. It may seem to be difficult, but rewards of the same will show up later on. If you can’t do that, how could you expect anyone else to do that?

If you do that, you would find it relatively easy to make most of Node’s asynchronous philosophy. Keeping chunks of code small will help you during the development of complex applications in Node.JS.

Group ‘Require’ Statements at the Top

This one is hugely recommended!  Grouping ‘Require’ statements at the top to avoid performance issues as ‘Require’ is synchronous and halts the execution. Instead, you could utilize the in-built module loading system of Node that has its own require function for loading modules existing in separate files.

JavaScript Standard Style to the Rescue

Further, an absence of a set development style can lead to serious problems in the code later on and the same can be better avoided by opting for Javascript Standard Style. In this way, you would be spared of unnecessary complications and managing .jscsrc or .jshintrc files as well.

  • Automatically format code – by running standard –fix, you can auto format code
  • It is possible to save a lot of time by fixing programming errors and style issues early on
  • For strings make use of single quotes
  • Single space after keywords
  • Function name followed by space

Use Asynchronous Code

Input/output operations can be performed synchronously (where the resources get blocked for some duration) or asynchronously (where the resources aren’t blocked and tasks can be performed in parallel). However, if there are multiple such operations where resources keep getting blocked, the performance of overall web application would be hampered significantly. The Promise object and the Event Loop can prove to be of immense help in this regard.

Semantic Versioning

Have you ever thought that by updating packages without SemVer you are already breaking up Node apps! It is so important to use Semantic Versioning to notify your customers about updates and that what all tasks are required at their end for updating to the new version.

Nip the Errors in the Bud

Leaving bugs in the code can lead to ugly scenarios, at times even after deployment. In order to stay clear from causing total chaos later on, make it a point to listen to error events. In this way, you can spot an error at an early stage and take corrective action accordingly. Error handling is somewhat easy in Node and you could make use of the same without any major fuss.

Make Use of Containers

Containers are essentially the way forward when it comes to programming with Node. A container like Docker can make your deployments immensely secure, among other advantages. Besides that, you could even simulate production environments locally with the same.

Ensure Security, Above Anything Else

Ensuring that your applications are completely secure is the least expected from you as a developer. There a number of useful applications within Node such as Node.JS security, Data Validation, Session Management, Brute Force protection and so on.

Node.JS Technology has proven to be an immensely effective tool for solving a variety of problems and that is precisely the reason why developers happen to prefer it over other tools. Though it’s difficult to resist the temptation, a quick browse through the best practices will surely help leap over possible inconsistencies.


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