5 Ways in Which a Local Grocery Store Owner Will Benefit from Website Development

May 30th, 2016

5 Ways in Which a Local Grocery Store Owner Will Benefit from Website Development

The local grocer’s customer circle will be at best within a 20-mile radius. The customers will all be from the neighbourhood and their names will mostly be familiar from having interacted with their families for years. Now, where do the internet and World Wide Web figure in this comfortable environment?

Apart from additional customer service and greater awareness, it will help small groceries tackle big business that have potential to take over the regular customers for bulk orders, leaving them only small over-the-counter purchases.

We discuss 5 ways in which a local grocery store owner will benefit from web development.

Addressing the needs of the modern household

Customers are increasingly relying on the internet to perform their chores, and grocery shopping app is one of them. Many online shopping portals offer home delivery, at the time convenient for the customer and with fabulous discounts that are not easy to compete with for brick-and-mortar establishments.

Simple arrangements such as giving the customer to place their order via the internet so that their shopping is ready for pick-up when they pass the store and offering them a payment gateway for online transaction will save time for the store and offer convenience for the customer.

Easy Access to Item Database

Web applications can be used extensively for managing the resources within the store, thus speeding the inventory management process and streamlining it. Open source ERP systems can be fully customized and scaled to the specific business needs.

Modern ERP systems such as Alfresco and SalesForce have simple interface that are easy to use and ergonomically designed.

Internal and External Automation

With eCommerce website development and web application development, most internal and external activities pertaining to store operations and management can be automated, reducing the requirement for labour and saving both cost and time in executing orders.

Thus, the business can concentrate on expansion of customer base.

Cost effective, time efficient

General perception that websites and web applications are expensive and suited only for the use of large, multi-brand retailers is not completely true. For businesses growth aspirations beyond a single store and addressing a larger customer base, web development can be done in a cost-effective manner by gradually increasing the business scope online.

By automating many mundane activities such as stocking, accounts and inventory management using technologies such as beacons apps, bar code scanners etc., a lot of time can be saved.

Connected round-the-clock

Stay connected with your customers round-the-clock by giving the complete access to products via an eCommerce site.

Plugins, extensions and features can be added to record customer orders, get their feedback and requirements for out-of-stock products and even give them option to track their order via GPS-enabled system.
Web development offers visibility for the business, which is the key ensuring business growth and sustenance over the long term.

Increase your business volume by simply investing in a website and expanding your market base. Embrace technology for streamlined administration so you can concentrate more efforts on managing customers.

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