Get Your Website Mobile Ready for the Future

Ask any of the mobile users what they dislike about visiting websites that do not have a responsive design, and they will rattle off a long list starting with the small font, need to zoom, difficulty in navigating tabs, the time taken for the page to load and it just goes on. Many businesses are opting for a responsive website design over creating a separate mobile application as a cost-effective measure. However, a responsive website design has gone beyond being a want to a need with latest Google Marshmallow update.

Google’s requirements

Google started the movement for mobile-friendly websites by first initiating the “mobile friendly” label for responsive websites. Websites with this label are more easily found via the search engine. Their argument is that a responsive design is the only way to reach maximum customers. In their endeavour to deliver high quality experience, they have made it compulsory for all websites to have a responsive theme by including mobile support as a criterion in its ranking algorithm.

Considering that Google is the leading search engine, it is important to maintain a high page rank on it to ensure that your website gets visitors. Further, on the mobile platform Android, Google’s latest update to version 6.0 Marshmallow has features for website access through the application. This has been done to provide users with access convenience. In order to ensure best user experience, it will be essential for the websites to be responsive to the mobile platform screen size.

The Reluctance to go responsive

In the past, responsive design came at a formidable price as it had to be hand coded and the entire website layout had to be reworked. Even though many websites are still built in the old fashion, there are website frameworks or templates that can be easily adopted at a small cost for a responsive design. The templates can be got working much faster, but the flip-side is that they cannot be fully customized to business needs.

Responsive for Value

Mobile adoption is going at an incremental pace as increasing number of individuals are depending on a mobile device for browsing the web. In fact, the laptop is fast becoming obsolete for visiting websites for most functions. So, businesses don’t have to go responsive merely to please Google but also to stay ahead with the market pulse and deliver a remarkable user experience.

Mobile technology is fast metamorphosing and very soon it will boil down to wearable devices and Internet of Things will bring about more changes. To stay on top in the digital world, it is important for businesses to keep their calling card, that is, their business website accessible on the visitor’s platform of choice.

Hence, get in touch with us to evaluate the mobile-readiness of your website and we’ll give you lucrative solutions and suggestions.