Android Material App Design Solutions

Next Gen Mobile app interaction with inventive designs & interactive interface using Android Material App Design

Android Material Design is Google’s design vision for the future, incorporated with bold colors, informative animations, and flat elements that deliver a refreshing user experience. This new design language endows android Lollipop version and above devices with cards, shadows, padding and responsive animations and transitions.

Consistent with Google’s intention for making better use of available space with Material Design, Solution Analysts applies the latest design functionalities that are at its disposal with this new design app to create revolutionary app experience. We have integrated the card display and shadow effects along with the pen and paper interaction for creating highly responsive applications that are easy to navigate.

Our Android Material Design Services Include:

  • Material Design app development
  • Material Design feature integration with existing applications
  • Material theme design and development
  • List and Card feature development
  • Shadow integration
  • Custom animation development and integration
  • Intelligently applying drawables to create high resolution apps

We are the early adopters of the Material Design and our design team is an enthusiastic bunch that has worked with Android for close to ten years. We have a few in-house projects underway and are seeking opportunities to prove our capabilities with this new platform.

We transform ideas into tangible entities with meaningful application. Let us hear your idea and together we can build something new.


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